Extension Series #04: Time tracking and invoicing tool to streamline workflows in Orchestly

Extension Series #04: Time tracking and invoicing tool to streamline workflows in Orchestly

Orchestly caters to businesses with distinct requirements and unique business processes. It aims to help improve your workflow, be more productive, and work with less frustration while you do business.

However, every business requires answers to some critical questions:

  • Is the time spent on every business process justified?

  • How much do my business processes actually cost? 

  • How much value does it bring to my organization?

To answer this, apart from having a flexible workflow and successful team collaboration, we require to track the time spent by employees on business processes, provide insights on order expenses and revenue, and make invoicing and billing easier. This is where extensions like Harvest come in to play.


Few insights on how Harvest can be used in Orchestly. 

 Track time alongside Jobs 

With this digital time tracking tool, you can have the timer appear right on the screen alongside your tasks. You can track your team's time (for each task and analyze the whole day's work) and collate a timesheet easily. 

This way, you can track the time spent on each task, client requirements, projects, orders, and further add notes for reference using Harvest.


 Analyze the ROI  

Get critical information   like budgets vs billable amounts, costs, and unaccounted totals all in one place.

Calculate your investments vs ROI of business processes using Harvest in Orchestly. If you have a supply chain management involved in your business, you can generate invoices and bills easily during the production process.


 Turn your productivity to invoices 

Create invoices for business processes in Orchestly with automatic calculations based on billable hours concept using Harvest. You can also email invoices and quicken online payments for your production and manufacture. With an automatic reminder facility, you can take a backseat and focus on other crucial business decisions.


Harvest is a powerful and comprehensive Orchestly extension which helps you get your stats right, even if your staff works from home.


If you have a unique business strategy to track time and productivity, we would love to hear about it in the comments.


Watch this space for our next post on extensions.


Visit our help center to get detailed insights into Orchestly’s features. Developers could also benefit from our API and Extension Development guides.  

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