Extension Series #05: Data Export Tool for Orchestly

Extension Series #05: Data Export Tool for Orchestly

Orchestly is a comprehensive process management platform that improves the way we practice business activities. It brings in an increased productivity rate, and collaboration spirit. 


While you have invaluable business data in Orchestly, it would be unfair if you could not export them. The Export Field Details for Orchestly extension helps export data from Orchestly which can be further analyzed to explore priceless insights.


So, let's get started with the scenarios where you can use Export Field Details for Orchestly extension.


1. Kelvin owns a lead supply chain management company, and has decided to manufacture a new list of products. However, to avail a loan and commercial license approval from the local government, he has to share the revenue details of his existing business. Hence, he can export job details required for approval, and then share it with government officials.



2. Sam is the head of his real estate agency. Every time he visits the client, he records the customization details like physical dimensions of the residential location, expected location of the land estate, VIP privileges, and so on in Orchestly. He updates these client preferences in Orchestly. To keep the intermediary agents informed of these customer preferences, he can export the fields with customer preferences, and mail the agents.



3. Rita owns an online clothing store. The freight and shipping of orders are outsourced to a third-party vendor, who does not have access to Orchestly. Every time a customer does the payment, the team requests banking details to confirm the payments. In this scenario, Rita can simply export the fields with banking information, and share it with the team.


4. Co-exist, an IT-hardware organization, uses Orchestly to ensure all orders deadlines are met. While the customer makes payments, and requests their e-wallet details, the support team can export the wallet information from the job details page and share it, while on the call.


5. Fernal, a digital marketing agency, requires the client and business information stored in Orchestly to be imported in their CRM tool, which does not support APIs. In order to do this, without building integrations, Export Field details extension can be used. 


There are no limits as to when and where you can use them, however, make sure to use the exported data abiding GDPR.


Let us know your experience with Export Field Details for Orchestly extension, and how it helps you improve your business process activities. 


Watch this space for our next post on extensions.


Visit our help center to get detailed insights into Orchestly’s features. Developers could also benefit from our API and Extension Development guides.  

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