Extension Series #07: Speed document approvals with workflow automation in Orchestly

Extension Series #07: Speed document approvals with workflow automation in Orchestly

Orchestly helps you improve the experience of digital workflow management. Orchestly's processes provide clarity with a single point of contact  for each task in your organization.

However, there can be times when we have to wait to get documents signed and approved. This can be one of the major reasons for delayed tasks, causing bottlenecks in the process.

To make this easier for you, we have two extensions -- Document Merge (Zoho Writer) and Zoho Sign -- in Orchestly that can make document approval processes quicker.

Here are some examples across verticals to highlight the uses:

E-signing documents to maintain internal records

Zylker Inc, a lead supply chain management company, uses Orchestly's Document Merge extension. This extension helps create documents and attach them in jobs and outgoing emails to track and record business processes.


Once the document is drafted, Zylker Inc configures Zoho Sign extension in the required stages of the workflow to get the documents approved.
This helps capture and store approvals securely, so the organization can focus on completing the order.

Sales contracts

John, CEO of Mhec Automobiles, uses Document Merge extension to create sales contracts for his business. Then, his team uses Zoho Sign extension to send documents digitally to the other party and get them signed, as they are guaranteed to initiate deal closures faster.


Employee on-boarding

Hiring a new employee can involve a lot of paperwork, and it is possible to miss out a few documents while on-boarding employees.

Cleotre Solar Company, a solar panels installer company,  creates employment offer letters, background check consent, performance appraisal letters, contact forms, employee handbooks, etc.,  using Zoho Writer extension. During the onboarding stages, they get the documents signed by the new employees, quickly and securely using Zoho Sign in Orchestly.


As you have seen, these extensions can make your document approvals easier and quicker.

Let us know your experience, and how it helps your business process.

Visit our help center to get detailed insights into Orchestly. You can also benefit from our Tutorials and Short help videos where you can explore specific features and on-board faster.

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