Extension Series #08: Improve collaboration in your business with Zoho WorkDrive for Orchestly extension

Extension Series #08: Improve collaboration in your business with Zoho WorkDrive for Orchestly extension

Efficient and effective collaboration tool -- be for individuals, teams, or enterprises -- gives more space to share ideas, procedures, and helps the organization stay on the same page.
Initially, working with hard copied documents was not just time-consuming but also not very feasible for feedback and communication. File sharing bridges the gap between teams and individuals, and brings everything into a unified space, simplifying your team's workflow and goals, no matter where everyone is located.
Bridging the gap between your organization's data and business information just got easier with Zoho WorkDrive for Orchestly extension. To install the extension, navigate to Settings and select  Extensions. Navigate to All Apps, select Zoho Workdrive For Orchestly extension, and click Install


Where can this extension be used? 

  • Zylker, a lead supply chain management company, shares the employment policies, contract terms and conditions, card offer templates, and other employment on-boarding documents with its employees, right in Orchestly's cards, using Zoho Workdrive extension.
  • Xilium, a software company, shares documents and spreadsheets in cards to collaborate with colleagues. This helps the support team analyze and create a database of important feature requirements, and share it with the development and product management teams. 
  • John Smith, a tyre manufacturer, uses Zoho Workdrive extension in Orchestly to share designs and its specifications in cards helping the team to collaborate ideas and avoid confusion.
  • Maraon, a solar energy company, does not provide blueprint preview feature to all the employees in the organization. So, sharing the workflow images using this extension, helps the staff understand the workflow.
  • Burton, a publishing house, works with authors around the world. A major hurdle in their way of collaboration is language. To help the authors, they share audio recordings of the procedures (in multiple languages) in individual cards using the Zoho Workdrive extension in Orchestly.
The extension can be used in endless other scenarios as per your requirement. Let us know your experience and how it helps your business process.

Visit our help center to get detailed insights into Orchestly. Tutorials and Short help videos will also help you explore specific features and on-board faster.

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