Extension Series #01: Signature tool to validate documents in Orchestly

Extension Series #01: Signature tool to validate documents in Orchestly

Isn't it time-consuming to sign and send documents online? 

You format and print the document, sign it, scan it into your computer, and (usually) re-format it again before sending. As a one-off, it doesn't sound too bad. However, repeating this a dozen times can be a herculean task.

That's where electronic signatures come to the rescue -- they help you sign documents in seconds.


What is Zoho Sign?


Zoho Sign  for Orchestly brings you a unique combination of document sharing and signing.  It helps you sign business documents, and also send them for signatures to progress the deal.


Where can you use Zoho Sign?


  Vendor/supplier agreements    

To lock-in the terms and prices while negotiating and finalizing deals immediately after the agreement stage, managers or business owners can sign or send documents online to sign. This way you can confirm the deal within minutes, hence capitalizing on the earlier mentioned benefit while moving to the next stage of the workflow.


  Sales contracts    

Sales contracts are the most signed documents in business processes. When managers sign documents digitally, they are guaranteed to initiate deal closures faster. Be it business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) sales agreements, integrating Zoho Sign with Orchestly is handy.  

  Customer approvals      

When business deals require final approval prior to manufacturing/production stage, Zoho Sign helps capture and store approvals securely allowing the user to focus on completing the order.


  Employee on-boarding    

There is a plethora of paperwork when you hire a new employee. Employment offer letters, background check consent, performance appraisal letters, contact forms, employee handbooks-the list is endless. You can execute these recruitment stages  quickly and securely in Orchestly using Zoho Sign.


  Intellectual property licensing and other standard legal agreements    

Digital signatures are binding and admissible even in courts. They are perfect for common legal agreements, such as intellectual property licensing and NDAs. To obtain signature in such documents while executing business processes in Orchestly, Zoho Sign is the best bet.


  Secure online banking    

Zoho Sign is secure, which is of the utmost significance when it comes to your monetary transactions. It is  preferable to use digital signatures as it minimizes the possibility of manipulation in  transactions while you focus on the business activities.

Note: The documents required for secure online banking can be validated using Zoho Sign, however, Orchestly does not support online transactions.


  Filing tax returns    

Ease the demanding process of filing tax returns for your business with digital signatures. In fact, filing returns digitally can help you get faster refunds. This makes the process so convenient and seamless.

Note: The documents for tax returns can be validated using Zoho Sign, however, Orchestly does not support filing taxes.


  E-signing legal documents    

Lawyers, attorneys, and other players of the legal industry engage in a substantial amount of paperwork that relies on their signatures on a daily basis. Lawyers can sign their documents using Zoho Sign for Orchestly as their business process progresses from one stage to the next. This saves a substantial amount of time as opposed to signing documents manually. 


As you have seen, Zoho Sign can be used in many business scenarios. There are no limits as to when and where you can use them unless declared otherwise by your country of residence.

Let us know your experience with  Zoho Sign in Orchestly, and how it helped your business process.

Watch this space for our next post on extensions series.


Visit our  help center to get detailed insights into Orchestly’s features. Developers could also benefit from our  API and  Extension Development guides .  

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