Extension Series #02: Digitize checklists to help your staff manage workflows

Extension Series #02: Digitize checklists to help your staff manage workflows

Many of us prefer to split up tasks into smaller actions or make a list before we perform a task - just to avoid making simple mistakes and to ensure that the steps in a process are not skipped.

For example, a car driver would check the tyres, adjust mirrors, enable central lock, and put on the seat belt before driving which does not require a checklist. However, business activities require the utmost attention and sometimes even with the simplest steps, we can get distracted, or forget a few procedures, and recovering from them may not be as simple as doing it right the first time.  

This is where we can use  checklist and  multilevel checklist extensions to ensure that the workflows are sequential, error-free, and provide sufficient guidance to your staff even if they are away from the office.

  1.   The "Procedure Verification" checklist

  In most businesses, verification checklists are required to ensure that step-by-step procedures are followed and accomplished. You can use this for various business purposes.     



2. The “Troubleshooting” checklist   

  Checklists can also be created for uncertain times when activities go haywire. When this happens, a troubleshooting checklist can be used to analyze and correct the problem based on prior experience.  



3. The "To-Do" checklist

When the same tasks are performed repeatedly, there is a high possibility of missing out on a few things. To-do is one of the commonly used checklists where the sub-tasks can be performed and recorded in order to complete an activity successfully every time.  


Be it remote work or workspace, checklists help you achieve more security and productivity. If you have a unique way of using checklists in your business, we would love to hear about it in the comments.

Watch this space for our next post on extensions-series.

Visit our  help center to get detailed insights into Orchestly’s features. Developers could also benefit from our  API and  Extension Development guides .

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