Featurecast Story 4 - Embeddable message button (click-to-chat)

Featurecast Story 4 - Embeddable message button (click-to-chat)

IM'ing (Instant Messaging) Feature Story Series

Featurecast Story 4 - Embeddable message button (click-to-chat)

What are the benefits of using a message button in 2023?

Use click-to-chat (message buttons) to boost customer engagement on your website

With an embeddable message button, your website visitors can engage with your business whenever and wherever they want. Help customers get quick responses to their most pressing questions and requests.

The Message Button

Message buttons quickly connect you to your customers so you can learn more about their user experience and provide the necessary support.
Message buttons usually appear on the side, at the bottom, or in the top corners of a webpage. By clicking the button, visitors can report bugs, offer feedback, suggest new features, and more without leaving your website.
Let's discuss what makes an effective button, how to craft helpful button text, and how to use buttons to generate more revenue through your website.

Key requirements of click-to-chat message buttons

    •    Customers should be able to click buttons to buy a product or contact you.
    •    Message buttons should simplify and enhance the user experience.
    •    Buttons should clearly communicate where customers will be directed after clicking.


A button is like a closed door. No one likes opening a door when they don't know what's behind it.
If you're offering a free trial for your service, customers may worry about having to share their credit card details. You can counter their reluctance by explaining upfront that no card details will be required when they click the button.
Also, consider and communicate about where the button sends your audience. Does the button take them to the right place? Does it make it easy to add items to their cart, check out, and/or pay?


To minimize customer hesitation, it's essential to be patient with your audience and provide a clear and compelling reason for them to click. Ensure your message buttons are visible and clickable, especially when they appear on your website. If the buttons are too small or the website is not responsive, customers might not click.

I hope you found this article helpful and that you try out the click-to-chat feature to boost your website's incoming traffic.
There's more to come. Please watch this space for more IM feature stories.

Until next time,

Kavya Rao
The Zoho Desk team

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