Fetch Records from subform to another subform

Fetch Records from subform to another subform

Hello, I hope to find you well and safe!

I'm working on customizing the Quotation Management App in Zoho Creator. 

I'm looking to fetch data from one subform and insert it into another subform. I have an RFQ Main Form (Request_Quotation) where the sales team is submitting the Request for Quotation for several items (subform Items_On_Quote).

Then I have another Main Form (Create_Quotation) for converting RFQ into Quote or creating a quote from scratch. this also has a subform named Quoted_Items with the same fields as the subform on the RFQ.

These 2 main forms are linked by the "Request_Number" (bidirectional). 

Basically, I want to retrieve the subform from the RFQ Form (Request_Quotation) into the Quote Form (Create_Quotation), so I don't have to insert the requested products all over again. Of course, considering the link imposed by the Request_Number.

I'm looking for it to activate on user input, turning on a decision box of "Retrieve products from RFQ"

I hope you can help out! 

Thanks a lot

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