Fetching multiple Creator records in Flow workflow

Fetching multiple Creator records in Flow workflow

Hi all,

Just trying out Flow and attempting to do something fundamental but I can't find any method that might work. Simple scenario:

1. Based on a Creator form action (say, add record), create a new project in Zoho Projects.
2. Now, find all of the records that are associated with a sub-form of the main form that triggered the workflow and add a new Milestone to the Project that was just created in Projects.

It would seem to me that the obvious way to do this would be to fetch multiple records in one hit from Creator and iterate through them, but the Flow connector for Creator doesn't offer this option, only the ability to fetch a single record.

A second way I thought of would be to fetch one record at a time based on multiple criteria (e.g., Main_Form.ID = Trigger_ID and SubForm_Row = someIteratorVariableValue) and work on each row in turn, but the "fetch" operation doesn't allow this. I can only specify (it seems to me) field match criteria for a single field.

This should be so easy. What am I missing?


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