Get instant payments on chat with the Zoho SalesIQ - Zoho Checkout integration

Get instant payments on chat with the Zoho SalesIQ - Zoho Checkout integration

How often have you lost out on a potential sale deal due to the lack of an immediate payment solution? How frequently have you encountered delays in purchases or missed out on sales opportunities simply because the process of product booking and payment are not seamlessly integrated?  

The answer? Much more than one can afford.

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and a warm hello to 'In-chat payments on SalesIQ' - an all new way to enable hassle-free, real-time payments within the SalesIQ chat widget. This integration powered by Zoho Checkout, simplifies the payments process enabling you to handle payments seamlessly within the SalesIQ chat window.

Breaking down the SalesIQ-Checkout integration

The Zoho SalesIQ-Checkout integration allows visitors to make payments during their chat conversations with an operator or bot, without ever needing to switch to a different application. With this integration, the payment process becomes effortless for both customers and businesses. Right from when the visitor lands on a website and browses through the products, up until they make a purchase and leave, SalesIQ enables the customer's journey to come full circle, all within the SalesIQ chat window.

Powerful, is it not?

How does this work?

The working of this integration is quite simple.
  • First step is configuring the required payment gateways within your SalesIQ via Zoho Checkout, to start receiving online payments. 
  • Then, you can add a list of products and services that you offer for sale, in the Payments section.
  • Once the products/services are added to the database, you can generate a unique payment link via the Zoho Checkout integration to get instant payments from the visitor.
Note: All of the customer's sensitive information such as card details, security pins etc. will not be visible to the operator at any point. Therefore, the entire payment procedure is protected and secure.

Business use cases for which this integration can be helpful

This integration will be useful for all business cases where there is a need for customers and website visitors to make online payments instantly on the website.
To quote a few, it will be suitable for:
  • E-commerce: On online stores, it will be possible for customers to order personalized products and make payment for their orders in real time, over the SalesIQ chat window. Also, instead of building an expensive e-commerce platform, businesses can showcase product listings on their website, and the process of placing orders can be conveniently carried out through the SalesIQ chat.
  • Charitable contributions: Donors will have the option to contribute to non-profit organizations, trusts and causes they believe in, seamlessly on the website's chat. And when donations are being made during an interaction with a support person, it is highly likely for the donor to pledge and provide bigger amounts. In this case, in-chat payment not only boosts the number of donations, but also increases the overall donation amount.
  • Subscriptions: Monthly subscriptions for services like gym, yoga, library access and more can be simplified by making online payments while chatting with an operator/bot on the business' website.
  • Medical: Individuals can easily book and pay for online medical consultations like 'Practo' via the SalesIQ chat window.
  • Education: Students of online courses and training classes can pay for them seamlessly over a chat conversation on educational websites.
  • Festive Events: Users can pay for wedding events management, festive decor, and other special occasions in advance through the website's chat feature.
  • Wellness: Blocking and paying for beauty salon and spa appointments etc. can be effortlessly done over the website chat powered by SalesIQ.

Let's understand this better with an example.

Let's say that Helena, a business professional, wants to take up therapy due to her work pressure and busy schedule. Helena visits one of the best therapists' website in her city, the Zylker Cares website, and initiates a conversation on the SalesIQ live chat widget (deployed on the website) to find the right therapist for her requirements.

James, the support executive from Zylker Cares picks up the chat, converses with Helena and offers to help her with scheduling an appointment with one of the best therapists in their concern and also informs her about the cost of the treatment. He shares articles and testimonial links about the proposed Stress-therapy specialist, for Helena to get an idea about the competence and skills of the practitioner, all via the the SalesIQ chat widget.
Once Helena goes through the testimonials, she then decides to go forward with the appointment. Based on her availability and preference, she is able to book an appointment with the Zoho Bookings - SalesIQ integration on the live chat widget itself.
James proceeds to share a payment link to Helena using the Zoho Checkout-SalesIQ integration. Helena then clicks on the payment link, enters her payment details and pays for the appointment, then and there.

From entering a website to deciding on a product/service and then purchasing it, everything was done completely with in the SalesIQ chat window. That's how powerful our SalesIQ chat window has become, with this integration.

This is just one example of how the integration of Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho Checkout can simplify the payment process for businesses. With this integration, businesses can collect instant payments from their customers without any in real-time during chat conversations, resulting in faster transactions and increased customer satisfaction.

Major Benefits:

  • Operators can initiate payment links instantly right from the chat window. Visitors can also make payments within the SalesIQ chat widget, without the need to navigate to a separate payment gateway or webpage. This provides a smooth and seamless payment experience for customers.
  • Configure all your preferred payment gateways from the available list, for a smooth payment process. The payment gateways supported with this integration are:
  • Secure payment process as the customer's sensitive information cannot be seen by the operator.
  • Payments can be initiated by operators as well as via a chatbot (Zobot). This means that Zobot can be configured to collect payments as well with the Zoho Checkout integration card.
All that said, the SalesIQ-Checkout integration is a revolutionary solution for businesses that require a simple and efficient solution for online payments processing. We hope this was helpful. To learn more about this integration, check out our help guide here.

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