Getting a Oauth token from c# SDK

Getting a Oauth token from c# SDK

I hope this makes sense.  I am using the c#  SDK examples to write records to the CRM Leads.  While calling  While this is not all my code, I'm hoping its enough to get some help.  While calling recordOperations.CreateRecords(); it fails after trying to GetToken from the Token Store.
Here is the token I am saving
  1.  Token token = new OAuthToken(
  2.                 "",
  3.                 "",
  4.                 "REFRESH/GRANT token",
  5.                 TokenType.GRANT,
  6.                 string.Empty);
  7.             TokenStore tokenStore = new CustomTokenStore();
  8.             tokenStore.SaveToken(user, token);
And I am sending this token into the SDKInitilizer.Initialize.  No errors at this point.  Next I try and create a lead.  When it gets inside of recordOperations.CreateRecords(); it tries GetToken and I've hard coded it to return exactly what was in the token object above.   CreateRecords throws an error for "invalid_code".    Here is what is in the log file
  1. 21-09-07 16:49:34 [INFO]: Initialization successful for Email Id : in Environment :
  2. 21-09-07 16:49:47 [INFO]: Access Token has expired. Hence refreshing.
  3. 21-09-07 16:49:50 [ERROR]: Exception in authenticating current request : {"Code":"INVALID CLIENT ERROR","Message":"invalid_code","Cause":null,"Details":null,"StackTrace":"   at Com.Zoho.API.Authenticator.OAuthToken.ParseResponse(String response)\r\n   at Com.Zoho.API.Authenticator.OAuthToken.RefreshAccessToken(UserSignature user, TokenStore store)\r\n   at Com.Zoho.API.Authenticator.OAuthToken.Authenticate(APIHTTPConnector urlConnection)\r\n   at Com.Zoho.Crm.API.Util.CommonAPIHandler.APICall[T](Type className, String encodeType)","Data":{},"InnerException":null,"HelpLink":null,"Source":"ZCRMSDK","HResult":-2146233088}
It appears to be failing when it tries to refresh the token so I assume I am not sending in the right info in the token object?

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