Grouping rows and columns: Structure, summarize and simplify your spreadsheets

Grouping rows and columns: Structure, summarize and simplify your spreadsheets

Sometimes, the bottom line is all that matters. With the Zoho Sheet's new grouping feature, you can create crisp summaries of voluminous data sets with cascading, multi-layered data chunks that are much easier to comprehend than a plain table. 

How does grouping work?

Think about an income and expenditure statement for a whole year. You'll have a lot of financial transactions that need to be put into respective groups of income and expenditure to make it cohesive and complete. However, accounting for every transaction is a large, tedious task, and will likely result in huge, complex tables of data spilling over several rows.

Grouping allows you to simply show the name of each expense heading and group them together. All the grouped rows will be collapsed under one name by default, and then can be expanded further. This will help show an entire year's records in a matter of few rows, with options to probe further.

Multi-level grouping

Grouped rows can also be made part of a bigger group. Group weeks together in months, and months together in quarters. This hierarchical arrangement of data helps you get the point across and present clear and concise data. You can expand or collapse groups all at once, or expand and collapse just the ones you need. The contextual menu helps you manage all the grouped rows/columns at once.

Try our new grouping feature out and let us know what you think! If you have any questions or feedback to share, feel free to leave a comment below or write to us at

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