Hello better editing tools!

Hello better editing tools!

From work reports to school projects, we all format text, paragraphs, fonts, and more as part of any document creation. That's why we've upgraded some tools you're already familiar with to make your formatting experience with Writer even better!
Here's everything that's new:

1. Improved mixed language rendering

Whenever a document is written in two languages with different script directions, this can cause some alignment issues. For example, English is read from left to right, and Arabic is read from right to left. We've improved this by:
  • automatically swapping parenthesis like (, ), {, }, [, ], <, >,
  • rendering numbers from left to right, and with comma separators for ease of reading.

2. Your documents, your bulletin style

No more manually selecting a particular bulletin style every time you work with different documents. you can now select the style of your choice, set it as your default, and Writer will make that style the default across all your documents.

3. Navigate left, right, and all around
The navigation panel no longer has a fixed position. You can move it anywhere around your document to make edits without scrolling more convenient. This also means that Writer will always open your documents with your last panel positions in place.

4. Format numbers with a right click
Preview and change the format of your invoice or purchase order total from the convenience of your editor. Choose from a range of number formatting options, from different decimal places to currency symbols.


Like the update? Let us know what you think of these new editing tools in the comments below, and follow us on Twitter to catch all the latest Writer news first.

Happy writing!

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