How can I display dynamic days of the week?

How can I display dynamic days of the week?

I have a snapshot monitor for our company to see what is coming up. I'm OK with the top 2 fields showing "Today (not visible in my screenshot)" and "Tomorrow" - easy enough. But, I would like the bottom boxes to be able to change as the week moves. If tomorrow is Friday, box one should read "Saturday" box 2 "Sunday" etc. And, they would need to be able to change as the week rolls. Below is the coding I have in that box. I have used the "criteria='RELEASE_DATE is today.addDay(2)'" function to pull data (changing the 2 to 3, 4, 5), I just don't know how to make the date change in the code below. Where it says value="2 Days".

  1. <panel>
  2.   <pr width='fill' height='fill'>
  3.     <pc padding='5px' bgColor='#FFFFFF' width='100%' hAlign='center' vAlign='middle'>
  4.       <pr width='auto' height='auto'>
  5.         <pc>
  6.           <text color='#000000' size='36px' uppercase='false' underline='false' bold='true' italic='false' type='Text' value='2 Days'> </text>
  7.         </pc>
  8.       </pr>
  9.     </pc>
  10.   </pr>
  11. </panel>

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