How do I find the right Zoho Creator developer?

How do I find the right Zoho Creator developer?

Hi Everyone,

I am the owner of a small English language company in Costa Rica. I have a fairly robust app that we had developed a few years back by an expert who we will call Mr. X.

I knew I was not capable of creating the app on my own as I am not a developer. I had started to work with 2 developers prior to meeting Mr. X, but my project really never moved. Once I met Mr. X we immediately clicked as he understood my needs and we proceeded to work via Skype. I would define what I wanted certain forms or workflows to do and he would code and we would test. We worked that way for about a year and I eventually had my app.

Now, because of the new "normal" and a slightly changed business model we need some updates to our app. Although I do still keep in touch with Mr. X, he is not able to help me because of a conflict of interest with his employer.

I would like to find a Creator developer who can help me but my attempts to find one have left me quite frustrated.

I have attempted contacting several Zoho partners and have found the following. The ones who have the abilities are very costly. Some partners shy away from Creator development as they do not seem to have enough knowledge and/or experience. With others I would have to create a development document detailing everything down to the last detail, but as I said I am not a developer so I do not feel capable of knowing what all the details I need to define are.

I have made my own (failed) attempts to learn Deluge, but I have came to the realization that in order to learn enough to do what I need to do, I will need to invest way more time than I have available. 

I think I need to find an independent developer in the mold of Mr. X.

Can anyone give me suggestions on how to find that right fit of experience, knowledge, flexibility, and ability to work on the fly for an accessible hourly rate?

Thank you in advance for your help,

George Thiess

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