How to calculate by month

How to calculate by month

I'm wanting to output totals from 2 months ago, 3 months ago, etc; but when I use "Previous N Months", it's a cumulative total. How do I get a total for ONLY the single month 2 months ago, and ONLY the single month 3 months ago, etc?

Current code:
  1. <panel>
  2.   <pr width='fill' height='fill'>
  3.     <pc padding='20px' bgColor='#FFFFFF' width='100%' hAlign='center' vAlign='middle'>
  4.       <pr width='auto' height='auto'>
  5.         <pc>
  6.           <text color='#000000' size='36px' uppercase='false' underline='false' bold='true' italic='false' type='Form Data' displayType='actual' thousandsSeperator='LOCALE' decimalSeperator='DOT' numberScale='none' criteria='BUILDER.contains(&quot;builder&quot;) &amp;&amp; !BUILDER.contains(&quot;city&quot;) &amp;&amp; DELIVERED_DATE in 2 months ago &amp;&amp; QTY &gt; 5' value='thisapp.LOG.ID.count'> </text>
  7.         </pc>
  8.       </pr>
  9.     </pc>
  10.   </pr>
  11. </panel>

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