How to create a record for Contacts with API C#?

How to create a record for Contacts with API C#?

I already talked with Zoho IT department and they gave me link:

This link is showing how to create a record for Leads, but I want to create it for Contacts. 

Also, I tried already to create for Leads and got a response of 400. 

I will put my code here, but it's almost the same what I got from there. So, do you know what can be a problem and how to create a Contacts? 

 public void CreateZohoRecord(string moduleAPIName)

            //API Name of the module to create records
            //string moduleAPIName = "Leads";

            //Get instance of RecordOperations Class
            RecordOperations recordOperations = new RecordOperations();

            //Get instance of BodyWrapper Class that will contain the request body
            BodyWrapper bodyWrapper = new BodyWrapper();

            //List of Record instances
            List<Record> records = new List<Record>();

            //Get instance of Record Class
            Record record1 = new Record();

            ParameterMap paramInstance = new ParameterMap();
            * Call addFieldValue method that takes two arguments
            * 1 -> Call Field "." and choose the module from the displayed list and press "." and choose the field name from the displayed list.
            * 2 -> Value
            record1.AddFieldValue(Leads.CITY, "Copenhagen");

            record1.AddFieldValue(Leads.LAST_NAME, "Radzakova");

            record1.AddFieldValue(Leads.FIRST_NAME, "Radzakov");

            record1.AddFieldValue(Leads.COMPANY, "BNW");
            record1.AddFieldValue(Leads.EMAIL, "");
            record1.AddFieldValue(Leads.ID, 5005490902343243242);

            * Call addKeyValue method that takes two arguments
            * 1 -> A string that is the Field's API Name
            * 2 -> Value
            record1.AddKeyValue("Custom_field", "Value");

            record1.AddKeyValue("External", "TestExternal12321345");

            record1.AddKeyValue("Custom_field_2", "value");

            record1.AddKeyValue("Date_Time_2", new DateTimeOffset(new DateTime(2020, 05, 15, 12, 0, 0, DateTimeKind.Local)));

            record1.AddKeyValue("Date_1", new DateTime(2021, 1, 13).Date);

            record1.AddKeyValue("Subject", "AutomatedSDK");

            HeaderMap headerInstance = new HeaderMap();

            headerInstance.Add(GetRecordsHeader.X_EXTERNAL, "Contacts.External");

            APIResponse<ResponseHandler> response = operations.GetRecords(moduleAPIName, paramInstance, headerInstance);

            if (response != null)
                //Get the status code from response
                Console.WriteLine("Status Code: " + response.StatusCode);

                //Check if expected response is received
                if (response.IsExpected)
                    //Get object from response
                    ActionHandler actionHandler = (ActionHandler)response.Object;

                    if (actionHandler is ActionWrapper)
                        //Get the received ActionWrapper instance
                        ActionWrapper actionWrapper = (ActionWrapper)actionHandler;

                        //Get the list of obtained ActionResponse instances
                        List<ActionResponse> actionResponses = actionWrapper.Data;

                        foreach (ActionResponse actionResponse in actionResponses)
                            //Check if the request is successful
                            if (actionResponse is SuccessResponse)
                                //Get the received SuccessResponse instance
                                SuccessResponse successResponse = (SuccessResponse)actionResponse;

                                //Get the Status
                                Console.WriteLine("Status: " + successResponse.Status.Value);

                                //Get the Code
                                Console.WriteLine("Code: " + successResponse.Code.Value);

                                Console.WriteLine("Details: ");

                                //Get the details map
                                foreach (KeyValuePair<string, object> entry in successResponse.Details)
                                    //Get each value in the map
                                    Console.WriteLine(entry.Key + ": " + JsonConvert.SerializeObject(entry.Value));

                                //Get the Message
                                Console.WriteLine("Message: " + successResponse.Message.Value);
                            //Check if the request returned an exception
                            else if (actionResponse is APIException)
                                //Get the received APIException instance
                                APIException exception = (APIException)actionResponse;

                                //Get the Status
                                Console.WriteLine("Status: " + exception.Status.Value);

                                //Get the Code
                                Console.WriteLine("Code: " + exception.Code.Value);

                                Console.WriteLine("Details: ");

                                //Get the details map
                                foreach (KeyValuePair<string, object> entry in exception.Details)
                                    //Get each value in the map
                                    Console.WriteLine(entry.Key + ": " + JsonConvert.SerializeObject(entry.Value));

                                //Get the Message
                                Console.WriteLine("Message: " + exception.Message.Value);

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