How to customize HTML email templates that impresses your audience: Part 3

How to customize HTML email templates that impresses your audience: Part 3

Crafting Remarkable Email Templates

In the first two parts of the series, we learnt to make text based edits, use variables, add logos and a lot more. Here are the links to the first and the second parts of the series if you've missed it.

We did not exploit the real potential of Zoho Bookings email customization feature in them. You can design a completely new email template that represents your brand in every way. Check out the below sample email.

To do that, you need to know HTML or take help from someone who knows it. That is not the case with our users. So, we are suggesting a shortcut. There are online tools where you can choose an email template, tweak the code (as we discussed in the second part) and download its html code. Import that code to Zoho Bookings' email editor and you have the best email template you need.

For this article, we have used one of those tools named Beefree.

Using Beefree to edit your email templates

Estimated Completion Time - less 20 minutes

  • Beefree is one of several editors in the market. Feel free to use an editor which is comfortable for you.
  • You can create up-to ten different HTML templates in the free plan.
  • *IMPORTANT* Hosting images on beefree consumes bandwidth. In the free plan, you get 50 GB.  Your beefree account gets locked if you cross the limit. Go through this document to see if 50 GB is sufficient for you.
  • It is mandatory to sign up with a business email. If you don't have one, create one here.
  • In the FREE plan you'll have 'Powered by BEE' branding at the bottom of your email templates. You can only remove this with a premium subscription.
  1. Login/Sign up for a account with your business email.
  2. Now click on create new.
  3. Click on 'Create a new email.'
  4. You can start from scratch or pick a pre-designed template to tailor it to your needs.
  5. Make your changes accordingly.
  6. Embed all the required details you wish the customer to know. Refer to the table below
  7. After your customizations, check if 'Saved' text appears. Now click on Exit.
  8. You'll be prompted to export once you exit. If a pop up doesn't show, click on the export button.
  9. Click on the 'Copy the HTML.'
  10. Click on 'Copy the HTML code.'
  11. Navigate to Zoho bookings' HTML editing dashboard, paste it and click 'Save'.
  12. Refer to this video for a step by step guidance.

Additional notes: Variable Names and IDs that you can embed in your email.

Variable Name
Variable ID

Business Name
Business Contact Number

Staff Name
Staff Email
Staff Contact Number
Staff Timezone

Service Name
Service Description

Appointment ID
Appointment Time
Appointment From Time
Appointment From Date
Appointment To Date
Appointment To Time
Appointment Old From Date
Appointment Old From Time
Appointment Old To Date
Appointment Old To Time
Booking ID
Booking Summary URL
Booking Timezone
Booking Start Time
Appointment Reschedule URL
Appointment Cancel URL
Booknow Link

Customer Name
Customer First Name
Customer Last Name
Customer Email
Customer Contact Number
Video Conferencing

Meeting Info
Meeting Key
Meeting Joinlink
Meeting Startlink


In this three-part series we have learnt how to
  • Edit text in emails
  • Change background, font colors, add logos
  • Revamp your entire HTML email templates using beefree.
We hope that you found this guide useful. If you have any queries, feel free to drop them in the comments.

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