How to filter data retrieved from Zoho People for Creator current user and fill form fields?

How to filter data retrieved from Zoho People for Creator current user and fill form fields?


I am looking to import Employee details from Zoho People to a form in Creator and I'm not sure how to go about doing so. What I would like, is to have the required details from Zoho People pulled and populate the  into the corresponding form fields for the Creator currently logged in user. Example:

Form :

Name, email, department

I have figured out how to connect to and retrieve the required info from Zoho People, but I am stuck(lost) about how to filter that data for the current user. May also be stuck at how to insert the data into the form once it is filtered, but I haven't gotten there yet to know. I have created the following custom function in Creator to get user details but I haven't been able to get beyond that point and I'm not really sure the right question(s) to ask.
  1. list GetEmploy()
  2. {
  3. empDetail = List();
  4. response = zoho.people.getRecords("P_Employee");
  5. info response;
  6. for each  rec in response
  7. {
  8. empDetail.add(rec.get("EmailID"));
  9. empDetail.add(rec.get("FirstName"));
  10. empDetail.add(rec.get("LastName"));
  11. empDetail.add(rec.get("Department"));
  12. }
  13. return empDetail;
  14. }
Hope that makes sense. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.



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