How to nurture leads, manage contacts and grow your B2B business with SalesIQ?

How to nurture leads, manage contacts and grow your B2B business with SalesIQ?

Zoho SalesIQ is one of the most powerful support tools in the industry and is preferred by millions of customers. SalesIQ is used to acquire leads across various sectors and automate your workflows. The all-new SalesIQ brings more power to your business with many new features, redesigned user interface, and performance improvements. We saw how operators could provide best-in-class support with our new Operator Chat Window in the previous post. In this post, we will see how you can store and nurture prospects in SalesIQ.

How to nurture leads in SalesIQ?

SalesIQ is a great app to identify and engage leads at ease with features like Live view rules, Lead Scoring, Triggers, Visitor and Chat routing, Bots, and much more. Now, to store and nurture leads, SalesIQ has introduced an updated version of the Visitor history module. With the new Visitors module, SalesIQ becomes a complete package that can capture, store and nurture leads, contacts and boost B2B sales without any external apps.


The new Visitors module consists of,


  • All Visitors - This section contains all the visitors who have visited your website.
  • Leads - This section contains The visitors who have visited your website and left without providing any contact info such as Email, Address, etc.
  • Contacts - This section contains All the visitors who have visited your website and provided their contact info.
  • Company - Organizations and employees of the organization or firm who have visited your website will be listed here. 


With the introduction of the Company section inside the Visitor module, you can now improve your B2B relationships right from SalesIQ!


Understanding the Visitor module  

The Visitor module has an outline that is followed across the module. Understanding the functions of the page will let you use the module seamlessly, irrespective of the sections. 



The structure mentioned in the above image is followed across the module to make it more user-friendly and easily adaptable. Now, let us see each section in detail. 

Identify prospects at a glance.

The essential info tab provides the vital information of the leads/contacts/companies such as Name, Location, Lead score, Ratings, and follow-up actions. You can use this tab to get more info about the visitor at a glance and skim through the list without wasting time searching for the details in the Info tab view. 


 How to perform instant follow-up?

You can perform instant follow-up with contacts by clicking on the desired follow-up button on the top right corner of the Contacts screen. There are three possible follow-up actions. 

  1. Email - Provide follow-up by sending an email right from the Contact's page. Use Email templates to provide instant follow-up. 
  2. Call - Integrate Telephony to ring up and connect with your contacts via traditional voice calls.
  3. Push Notification - Send custom messages and offers to targeted app users via Push notifications. Note: Only available for mobile app users. 


View only your prospects and eliminate junk leads from the list view

Every module consists of a list view selector that allows you to easily switch between the different sets of pre-defined lists to view the desired visitors/contacts/companies.



The list views can be further customized by adding your custom list and sorting the list with various criteria to get the specific visitors/contacts/companies to the top. 

How to get more details of the specific visitor?

The tab switcher allows you to swiftly access different details of the Visitor/contact/company within the same page. Each tab consists of more information that can help you know more about the visitor/contact/company to analyze and reach out to them. 


There are five possible tab views.


  1. Visitor/Contact/Company info - This tab contains all the selected Visitor/Contact/Company information that can be used to provide contextual support. 
  2. Conversations - This tab consists of all the conversations of the visitor/contact. You can click on the desired conversation from the list to get more details. 
  3. Call history - This tab consists of all the audio calls made by the visitor/contact. You can listen to the conversation (if recorded) to provide better support.
  4. Activities - This tab provides a detailed website footprint of the visitor. 
  5. Contacts (Only for Company section) - This tab lists all the employees of the company who have visited your website.


We hope you have a basic understanding of the structure and how the new Visitor module works. Please check out our detailed help guides for more information. 


Help guides:

  1. Leads
  2. Contacts
  3. Companies


Enjoy using SalesIQ 2.0 and provide the best support to your customers!

Stay tuned for more updates!




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