Send invoice for appointments in Zoho Bookings

Send invoice for appointments in Zoho Bookings

In this post, we'll see how to automate invoices to the customer when an appointment is made in Zoho Bookings. 


We've made a workflow template in Zoho Flow that integrates Zoho Bookings and Zoho Books for easy customer invoicing. You can set up this integration in a few minutes. Your Zoho Bookings login is sufficient to access Zoho Flow and Zoho Books.



  1. Initial setup in Zoho Books
  2. Template configuration in Zoho Flow
  3. Flow review


Step 1: Initial setup in Zoho Books  

        We first need to add an organization and an item to Books. If you are already a Books user, you can skip this step. Otherwise, sign in to Books and follow the below steps. 

                a. Create new organization

     b. Create an Item


This will complete the initial setup in Zoho Books.

Step 2: Template configuration in Zoho Flow  

       We'll now configure the template to integrate Bookings and Books. Follow the steps or view the video given above.


  a. Log in and search the template

  1. Go to Zoho Flow and sign in with your Zoho credentials.
  2. Select Explore Gallery at the top and search for Zoho Bookings in the search bar.
  3. Choose Create and send an invoice from the right side and click Use this Flow.


   b. Configure each step

      Step 1: Appointment booked

                  a. Click Configure to make a connection with your Bookings account.

      Step 2: Fetch Customer

                  a. Click Configure to make a connection with your Books account.

      Step 3: Condition check 

                  a. This is a condition-checking step. You may click Skip to go to next step, or select Review to go through this step.

      Step 4: Create customer

                  a. Click Configure and click Done.

      Step 5: Create invoice

                  a. Click Configure. Choose the item you just created in Zoho Books from the drop-down list under Item ID.

                  b. Under Template ID, choose Standard template. Under Send email, choose True.

                  c. Click Done.

      Step 6: Send invoice

                  a. Click Configure and click Done

      Step 7: Create invoice

                  a. Repeat Step 5.

      Step 8: Send invoice

                  a. Click Configure and click Done


Now click Done. Switch on the flow by turning the toggle ON in the top right corner. This flow will now trigger whenever an appointment is booked.

InfoIn each step of the flow, you can map any variable from the right side to the fields at the left side. You can customize any step according to your requirement. 

Step 3: Flow review

        Let's book an appointment and verify that the flow works. 

  1. Access your booking page and make an appointment. (You'll need to give your email address as the customer email address to receive the invoice.)
  2. Check your email for the invoice.
  3. If you don't receive the invoice right away, wait for a few minutes. If you've waited and still haven't received it, check the flow we created. The Summary tab shows the execution results, and History tab lets you check the input and output of each step in a single execution

InfoYou will be accessing the trial version of Zoho Flow and Zoho Books if you don't have those subscriptions already. You will be moved to the free version after the trial period. 

Make your invoice better with these features: 
      You can set up payment gateway in Zoho Books under Settings > Online Payments. This will add a Pay Now button in the invoice. On clicking it, the customer will be redirected to payment page. 

        You can add your company logo in the invoice by uploading it in Zoho Books under Settings > Templates > Invoices > (Choose the template) Edit > Headers.

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