Important: Disabling callbacks for active webhooks upon reaching failure threshold

Important: Disabling callbacks for active webhooks upon reaching failure threshold


A small number of Zoho Sign customers, mostly API and integration users, might find that their configured webhooks are now in the DISABLED state and, as a result, would have stopped receiving webhook callbacks.

This is not an issue or a bug. This change of state was triggered due to a failure threshold being exceeded for active webhook URLs. This was introduced during our recent webhook enhancement update as an internal measure to keep our server loads in check by limiting calls sent to bad URLs and avoid performance issues on our end.

As you may know, when setting up a webhook in Zoho Sign, users have the option to enter their configured payload capture URL and send a sample payload to test its intended behaviour. On our side, the Zoho Sign servers must receive a HTTP 200 response to denote a successful webhook callback and delivery of the payload. However, due to varying reasons, commonly bad URL configurations and server load issues on the client side, the callback may fail causing the intended behaviour to break. In such scenarios, when multiple consecutive callbacks fail, it can cause an unprecedented load on our servers. As a result, during our recent update we introduced a failure threshold which when met automatically disables the webhook preventing further callbacks to the same URL while improving message deliverability to other working URLs. It was then expected that the affected users would identify the cause of the repeated callback failures, fix any configuration or server issue(s), and re-enable these webhooks from the Zoho Sign web interface.

In the past few days, several customers reported that their webhooks were being automatically disabled due to these checks being put in place. To mitigate this, we have increased the failure threshold manifold to avoid premature disabling of webhooks in the case of minor events such as response time-outs due to brief downtimes and slowness in client servers.

For any further clarifications or assistance, feel free to write back to us at

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