Increase your API Credits right from the API Dashboard

Increase your API Credits right from the API Dashboard

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that you can now increase your API credits right from the API Dashboard!
We have introduced this as a pay-as-you-go model, where you only pay for the credits you have consumed and not for the entire limit.

What are additional credits?
These are the API credits you want besides the credits provided for your edition of CRM, by default. Refer to the API Limits page for the default credits available for each edition.

Who can increase these credits?
The super admin of an org can set the additional credits that the org will require.

Where is this feature available?
Right on the API Dashboard!
Go to Setup > Developer Space > APIs. You can see the Credits tab. Enter the additional credit limit in the Credit details section.

Why is this a pay-as-you-go model?
You set the additional credit limit based on an estimate, but only pay for the credits you have consumed in that billing cycle. You will be charged monthly for these extra credits even though you have paid for your edition for the year.

How does the billing happen?
There are different price slabs based on which we charge for the credits you have consumed. The following are the different price slabs for the credits consumed in a 24-hour period. Note that this pricing is for every 1000 additional credits.

First 25,000 credits = $0.14
Next 75,000 credits = $0.06
Next 150,000 credits = $0.05
Next 250,000 credits = $0.025

For example, if you have set the limit at 100,000 credits, and consumed 80,000, the calculation for a 24-hour period is as follows:
for the first 25,000 credits: 25,000 x 0.14/1000 = $3.5
for the next 55,000 credits: 55,000 x 0.06/1000 = $3.3
So the total amount will be $6.8 ($3.5 + $3.3).

After you set the limit, the Credits tab displays the Billing details section with the billing period and the next billing date.

When you click View details, you can view a summary of your usage on a particular day including the number of additional credits used and the amount that was charged for those credits.

Here, you can view the usage stats for the last 30 days, or a custom range and also download or print the billing details as a PDF.

This feature will be opened to all users in the first week of September, 2020.

If you have any questions, write to us at


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