[Update - June 2, 2021] Integration Tasks will Consume API Credits

[Update - June 2, 2021] Integration Tasks will Consume API Credits

Hi everyone!
Here are a few updates to this post. 

Based on the feedback from the customers and partners, we have decided to postpone the inclusion of the integration tasks in API credits to August 31, 2021. We have started working on the below tool support: 

1. Notification - Default email notifications to the admins when the APIs' daily limit reaches 80, 90, and 100%. The support to customize the number of notifications you wish to receive, the usage percentage after which you want to receive emails, or the recipients of the email will be provided later, in phases. 

You will receive emails based on the usage in the last 24 hours. For example, if you reached the 80% limit and received an email at 10AM the previous day, you will receive the next email only after 10AM the next day if you reach your limit again. 
However, in the same 24-hour period, if you reach the limit of 90% from 80%, you will receive another email. 

2. API Dashboard - Instead of providing a separate dashboard for integration tasks, we will show the credits usage of the integration tasks(per function) on the API dashboard itself. Clicking on each function's name will give you the name and the credit consumed by every integration task used in that function. 

After the above two enhancements are released, we will provide you with time until August 31, 2021, to analyze the usage. During this time, besides receiving email notifications upon reaching the limit, the API dashboard will also show the credits consumed by integration tasks, but they will not be deducted in your API credit limit. These stats are solely for you to understand the impact of integration tasks on your daily API limit and take the necessary steps before this change goes live.

Older updates:
[Update 1] - For existing users, the integration tasks will consume API credits from February 15, 2021.
[Update 2] - When you reach the API credit limit for your org, you will receive a mail from Zoho CRM with the subject "Attention: Your API credit limit reached 100%".

Original post:

Hello everyone!
As most of you are aware, the integration tasks used in our Deluge functions are a set of wrappers for each service's API to execute certain actions provisioned in the Deluge editor. You can call an integration task of a service by calling its name.

zoho.crm.createRecord(“Leads”, <Map>); invokes the Zoho CRM's Create Records API in the background

However, there was no way of identifying such API calls made to CRM through these integration tasks from Deluge functions written across Zoho Apps. A provision to identify the origin of these calls can help restrict the unwanted API calls.

To address these aspects and to keep our API servers checked against such hidden consumption, we have decided to include the integration tasks made through Deluge functions as part of the API credit consumption. For example, if you use the zoho.crm.searchRecords() integration task, it will consume the same number of credits as that of the Search Records API.

The Credits by Application section on the API Dashboard will give you the details of the number of integration tasks that an application has consumed in a certain period.

Here are some important dates:

New Signups:
From October 22, 2020, all integration tasks will consume the available API credits in that 24-hour window.

Existing users:
We would like to extend this for three months for existing users and the integration tasks will consume API credits from January 1, 2021. Meanwhile, the usage of the integration tasks will be monitored and displayed to the users on the API Dashboard.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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