Introducing Bigin for iOS 16

Introducing Bigin for iOS 16

Hello everyone!
We're excited to announce that Bigin is up and running on iOS 16. With the latest version, users can find features like Lock Screen widgets, RoomPlan, Weather, Focus filters, and much more. 
Lock Screen widgets
Bigin's widgets are now even easier to access. You can select from a number of different widgets to display on your lock screen so you can view information and use functions you want, such as a summary of today's activities, easily adding contacts or deals, monitoring deal progress, and more.

To add widgets to your lock screen
1. Hold down on your Lock Screen 
2. Tap on Customise 
3. Select Add Widget 
4. Look for Bigin in the drop-down options
5. Choose from a variety of widget options to display the data you need

Capture information with the QR scanner
QR codes that contain information are becoming increasingly widespread and can now be found virtually everywhere. Bigin's new QR scanner makes it possible to enter information about a contact or an event quickly by simply scanning the QR code printed on a business card or brochure.
To use the QR scanner
1. Open Bigin on your iPhone
2. Select the module with contacts information
3. Tap the '+' sign (top right of the screen)
4. Choose Scan Contact QR Code
This feature also works for adding events

Augment realty with RoomPlan
Showing a listing to clients using only pictures and videos may not be enough, so we've found a way for our realtors to go above and beyond with a 3D floor plan. Simply open your camera and capture the surroundings to create a model of the property. This feature is available only for real estate template users and is compatible only with LiDAR devices.
To use RoomPlan in Bigin
1. Open Bigin on your iPhone
2. Tap on More (bottom right of the screen)
3. Select the Properties module 
4. Choose a property
5. Switch to the Files tab
6. Select Add Files
7. Tap on 3D Floor Plan.

Prioritize productivity with focus filters
Focus mode is great if you want to be productive and get into a work mindset. But for more control over which apps are active and how they behave, filters are the way to go. Bigin can be customized to open with your preferred theme, notification settings, and list view so that you can start working straight away.
To configure Focus filters
1. Go to Settings on your iPhone
2. Tap on Focus
3. Select your preferred Focus option
4. Tap on Add Filter
5. Choose Bigin and get started configuring your filters

Keep an eye on the weather for your meetings
The weather can have a big impact on your plans, so we decided it was important for our users to be able to check the forecast before making any commitments. With the new Weather integration in Bigin, you can easily see what conditions to expect at the time and place of your scheduled event.
To find the weather forecast
1. Open Bigin on your iPhone
2. Select the Activities module
3. Switch to the Events tab 
4. Tap on a scheduled event
In the info card, you can see the weather forecast for the event.

Jot your thoughts down in a Quick Note
Quick Note is a useful tool to have on hand in case you find yourself looking at a screen in Bigin and want to jot down notes. Quick Note will record both your thoughts and the Bigin-specific context in which you were thinking them at the time.
To use Quick Note 
1. Swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone screen to open Control Center
2. Tap on the Quick Note icon 
You can open up a Quick Note anytime, anywhere.

Edit your product shots effortlessly with intelligence
Bigin leverages the power of Apple's in-device intelligence to provide you with helpful functionality. Say you need to photograph products in order to advertise them for sale. Rather than carefully eliminating background clutter from a product image, you can simply lift the subject from its background and position it against a clean background—all with a single action. You'll be able to send clear photos of your inventory in a matter of seconds.
To edit your product shots
1. Go to the Photos app on your iPhone
2. Open your product image
3. Press and hold down on the object till it's lifted from the background
4. Set it down where you want

Interact with your images using Live Text quick actions

Let’s say there’s an email address and phone number captured in an image. When you tap on the image, Live Text recognizes this information, categorizes it according to type (in this case, phone number and email address), and gives you the option to call the number or email the address using Bigin.
To capture details using Live Text
1. Open Bigin on your iPhone
2. Go to the Files tab that contains the business card image
3. Open the image and look for the Live Text icon (bottom right of the screen) 
4. When you tap the icon, Live Text categorizes the information contained in the image and presents corresponding quick actions

Our work continues beyond iOS 16. There are updates for Bigin on iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura in the works. Stay tuned!

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