Introducing Business Holidays and other enhancements in holidays

Introducing Business Holidays and other enhancements in holidays

Hello everyone,

In Holidays, you can create holiday lists for the org or for individual shifts. Shift holidays are helpful when you have multiple teams working at different time zones (For example: UK, Europe, US shifts) and thus require to follow the holidays observed in that time zone.

Besides manually creating holiday lists for different shifts, a general holiday list called Business Holidays can be created whose holidays apply to all users of the organization.

Earlier if a common holiday list is created using the "All Shifts" option, further no individual holiday lists can be created for the other shifts in the organization. Now, we allow you to create a common holiday list, in addition to creating the individual shift holidays. These common holidays will be associated with all the shifts of the organization.

Business Holidays
Holidays that are observed across the globe and thus followed by all users in the org irrespective of the time zones they work on can be added to a common list of holidays. The Business Holidays allows the admins to create a list of holidays that are common to all employees across the organization.

For example when a Founder's Day is added as a Business Holiday, it will then be applied for users working in the organization, irrespective of their shifts.

Cloning holiday lists
In addition to editing and deleting a holiday list, you can now clone a list instead of creating a new one every time. The holidays, year, and shifts can be edited in the cloned holiday list.

A few enhancements that are made along with the mentioned update:

1. Edit holiday and delete holiday links are renamed as Edit and Delete.

2. Associating new holiday list to a shift:
Irrespective of the business holiday list associated with all shifts, you can create one holiday list for a specific shift that will be applicable for any particular year. For instance, a holiday list for US for the year 2021 can be created, in spite of having a business holiday list for the year 2021 to all shifts.

3. Business Holidays will be considered in the following actions:
Earlier, only the shift holidays were considered while calculating the due dates and weekends or holidays. Now even Business Holidays will be taken into account.

(i) In the counting of the Business Days for "Assign due date" option in the automations that you create in your CRM account.

(ii) In the "Except weekends and holidays" option in the Event Type while creating a meeting.

4. Business Holidays cannot be set as "From" date while creating a meeting and cannot be used to create meetings using Calendars. An error indicating the unavailability will be shown.

That's a wrap! Read the help doc for more details.


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