Introducing CallGear, EasyPost, Shippo, Linckr and 9 more extensions for Zoho CRM

Introducing CallGear, EasyPost, Shippo, Linckr and 9 more extensions for Zoho CRM

In addition to 500+ Zoho CRM extensions, Zoho Marketplace released 13 more extensions for Zoho CRM in the month of July 2021. These no-code, ready-to-use extensions do not just integrate other apps with Zoho CRM, but also add functionalities to help sales people improve performance effortlessly.

Telephony extensions 

We released three new telephony extensions in the month of July. These extensions are supported by  Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Recruit, and Bigin. Start making calls from within your Zoho products, and receive incoming call popups to get contextual details even before answering. Enable click-to-call and log call recordings in the contact record after the call ends. Click below to learn more.

Extensions for Zoho CRM

Collaborate with clients and customers on documents associated with them from their Zoho CRM records. Enable your sales professionals to seamlessly sync, share, access, and manage files associated with Zoho CRM records through their Google Drive account.

Integrate Zoho CRM with the EasyPost extension to easily track your shipments using EasyPost tracking numbers without leaving Zoho CRM. You can also generate shipping rates and shipping labels for different delivery options from Zoho CRM. 

Integrate Zoho CRM with the Shippo extension to easily track your shipments using Shippo tracking numbers and carriers in Zoho CRM. Now you can generate the shipping rates and shipping labels for different delivery options without having to swap between applications.

Work on contracts and contract templates from within Zoho CRM. Draft contracts using the templates available and reconcile any terms that may need to be changed based on their business process. Auto-populate data from Zoho CRM into the contracts.

Connect the platform to Zoho CRM and send messages to all your leads, contacts, and accounts. Send messages in 75+ languages and to 190+ countries. allows you to send offers, alert messages, transaction alerts, weekend offers, and more.

Connect with your WooCommerce account to sync your online store's data with Zoho CRM. Easily manage and analyze all your WooCommerce data from Zoho CRM. Create custom fields for additional items and control the way your data syncs.

Connect your Adyen merchant account with Zoho CRM and send Adyen payment links to customers from the Zoho CRM Invoices module. Enjoy error-free tracking and payment reconciliation within Zoho CRM.

Improve your sales process by syncing data between your CRM services. OSync enables both one-way and two-way data sync between HubSpot CRM and Zoho CRM, helping you build better relationships with leads and customers.

Seamlessly sync data between ActiveCampaign and Zoho CRM using OSync. Map both custom fields and default fields. Choose between one-way or two-way sync, and have better control over how your data flows.

Integrate Zoho CRM with Linkedin and automate the process of finding leads in LinkedIn and saving them in your Zoho CRM. Save any LinkedIn profile to Zoho CRM in a single click, find the work emails of your contacts, and more.

Explore Zoho Marketplace for all Zoho CRM extensions here.
Check out all the new extensions released in July 2021 here.

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