Introducing Card Forms!

Introducing Card Forms!

Hello form builders,

Zoho Forms is now introducing an elegant, free-flowing fluid design of Card forms that will give your forms a visually appealing look, while avoiding any visual clutter for users who are attempting to answer multiple questions at once.
Zoho Forms offers 2 Form Types: Standard and Card
A Standard form has multiple fields on it asking questions all in one page (unless you have a multi-page form), whereas a Card form has only one field per page of your form.
By displaying only one question at a time, Card Forms can spruce up and make your form's interface more user friendly and engaging. 

Advantages of Card Forms

  • Displaying one field at a time to the users reduces the cognitive load on their eyes and distraction.
  • Lets users focus on each question and its answer, resulting in more pertinent responses.
  • Card forms make it easier for the users to fix their errors one at a time, making it more convenient to submit the form.
  • The user experiences a sense of progression as they move on to the next step, which makes form-filling a satisfying experience.

A Card Form has 3 major components:
  1. Welcome Page which is exclusively available in Card forms, serves to introduce your motto behind the form before you begin asking questions.
  2. Questions, one at a time to avoid any visual clutter on your form with a progress bar to indicate the progress through the form.
  3. Thank You Page where respondents will be taken to after hitting the Submit button on reaching the last question. The Thank You page automatically matches the theme you choose for your Card form.
When you try to create a new form from scratch in your Zoho Forms account, you will find the option to choose the Card Form Type as shown below.

Select Card

Like a regular Standard Form, you can simply drag and drop fields from the left pane onto your form builder. Each field you add will appear on a separate page. 

Card form builder

The form properties will look slightly different from your standard form properties.

Card Form Properties

You will also have a simplified theme builder specifically designed for Card forms. You can customize your form and play around with custom backgrounds, fonts, effects, and more, or pick a theme from the pre-designed themes available in the Themes Gallery.

Pre-built themes

The font size you select is dynamically adjusted for all text on your form, including the button text, resulting in a responsive form.

Font Size

Card Forms have animation effects with subtle movements that are particularly useful when you want to provide visual confirmation of user action, require mandatory fields to be filled out, or highlight error messages as the user navigates through the form to capture the user's attention.
Transition effects
The respondents will have previous and next buttons on each page to navigate through your form, as well as have a side panel (a Fields Pane) that lets them jump between questions on the form. 

Fields Pane

Know more about Card Forms.

Using Standard or Card form type is a completely personal choice depending on your business objectives. For instance, if you have a long application form which respondents are likely to fill out on a desktop, you could choose the Standard form type and if you have a simple and short form, such as a feedback form, it would be a great choice to go for a Card form.

Over to you...

Try Card Forms today and we'd love to hear how they helped you expand your target audience. If you need assistance with building card forms or have any questions or feedback to share, feel free to leave a comment below or drop us an email at

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