Introducing Cloud Functions

Introducing Cloud Functions

Hello App Creators,

Greetings from Zoho Creator!

We are happy to inform you about a new feature in Zoho Creator called Cloud Functions . They are functions which are executed serverless, supported only by Creator's infrastructure, and hence the name Cloud Functions. The new cloud functions support two languages: Java and Node.js.

This feature will be available under the Functions section of the Workflows module. Once these functions have been configured and written, they can be called from any of your workflows using Deluge. Data types and return types between Deluge and Java have been mapped, including appropriate error handling.

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How to create new functions

    1.  Navigate to the Functions section under Workflows .

    2.  Click the New function button.

    3.  Enter the Name for the function.

    4.  Select the language from the given options. 

    5.  Click Create , then enter the required code in the script editor.


In the Create function page, two new languages will be available under the Select the language option:

Code builder for NodeJs function

Code builder for Java function


We have provided comprehensive help documents for the cloud functions. Please read the following help pages carefully before experimenting with it.

Feature release plan

We plan to roll out cloud functions in phases:

  • This feature is now available for the accounts in our US DC that own a Premium or above subscription from our latest pricing
  • This will shortly be made available to the Zoho One and Trial accounts in our US DC, and then for all the said accounts in the other DCs

If you have any queries related to Cloud functions, please feel free to contact us at .

The Zoho Creator Team

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