Introducing Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) in Zoho CRM | Public early access 2023

Introducing Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) in Zoho CRM | Public early access 2023

Greetings Customers!

We're excited to announce that the CPQ feature will soon be available in Zoho CRM and accessible to all accounts using the Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions. We've opened this feature to select customers, and it'll be available to all within a week. As we move ahead, you can expect further enhancements and added functionalities.

Please note that while the CPQ feature will be enabled to all customers, one of its components, called Guided Selling, will be available upon request. Guided Selling is a holistic way of filtering the product selection to meet the customer's requirements. It presents a series of product-specific questions and narrows down a list of products based on the user's responses. 

-------------EDIT As on 17/10/2023--------
Guided Selling in CPQ, which was available on Request-based Early Access, has now been released to all eligible users across DCs. Guided Selling is as accessible as other features in CPQ. Please learn more about Guided Selling from here:

What is Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)?

CPQ is a sales tool that helps you share customized and accurate quotes with customers in just a few clicks. Pre-configure product combinations and price rules and create bespoke quotes, along with applicable taxes and discounts. This is a transformative tool for businesses with multiple product lines. Please note that currently, the CPQ feature only supports Zoho CRM's native inventory modules.

How to access CPQ in Zoho CRM

Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of your Zoho CRM account. On the Setup page, you can access your CPQ settings and configure your product and price rules.

How does CPQ in Zoho CRM work?

CPQ centralizes the pricing and product inclusions in quotes salespeople generate, allowing them to sell more quickly and efficiently. In addition to Zoho CRM's built-in inventory management, CPQ expedites quote creation and enhances the customer's purchase journey. The two building blocks of the CPQ solution are the Product Configurator and Price Rules.
The Product Configurator enables you to pre-define automated actions like product additions, suggestions, and field updates for a single product or a combination of products. You can set multiple criteria to qualify these product rules across various modules in CRM. This cross-module capability enables salespeople to customize quote generation by including different record types, such as deal amount, region, vendors, and so on.

Price Rules help to accommodate conditional pricing; i.e., you can pre-set list prices and discounts for products that meet specific conditions. It can also qualify price rules according to cross-module conditions.

After you configure your rules in CPQ, the pre-defined actions are executed automatically when your salespeople create quotes in Zoho CRM. Watch this video for a quick overview of CPQ:

Guided Selling

Guided selling in CPQ quickly refines the results from the product catalogue based on the customer's requirements. For this, you just have to create a series of sequential questions and map the input answers to appropriate fields across various CRM modules—namely, the Contacts, Accounts, Deals, and Products modules. So during quote creation, salespeople just have to specify the product requirements, and the Guided Selling functionality in CPQ suggests the right product. 

How can you benefit from a CPQ solution?

It's essential for businesses today to keep up with prospects' evolving needs and offer solutions quickly before they move on to other alternatives. One aspect of sales conversion is sending a customized quote to your prospect while making necessary modifications when required. And relying on outdated legacy systems and manual effort can only lead to more errors and delays. A CPQ solution ensures your salespeople can generate customized quotes quickly and thereby enhance the purchase experience.
  • A CPQ solution, along with Zoho CRM's built-in inventory management functionalities, enables you to build a more comprehensive sales cycle.
  • It expedites your quote management process, enabling your salespeople to save time and effort.
  • It minimizes the risk of errors due to misinformation or typos during quote calculation.

Watch our recorded webinar to get an overview of Zoho CRM's CPQ feature and how it works.

Resources: Help docs

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