Introducing Custom Emojis😀 and Stickers in Cliq

Introducing Custom Emojis😀 and Stickers in Cliq

Hi all,

The much-awaited feature is now live on popular demand. Zoho Cliq brings you "Custom Emojis and Stickers" to keep your conversations interactive and lively.


The users now get to add custom emojis and stickers and share them organization-wide. However, the org admin has powers to enable or disable organization members from creating emojis and stickers. Here are some help pages from our knowledge base to help you with using emojis and stickers.

Store your favourite custom stickers and emojis 🏂⛷🪂 

When your coworker sends you a custom sticker or emoji, you can add them to your personal collection and share them with others.


Add your custom sticker or emoji sent to you by clicking on the emoji you received and selecting Add to my collections. Once you have added it, you can find it in the emoji picker under My stickers/emojis.


Quick emoji reactions  😎🤣🥰😋


As an add-on, we bring you "Quick emoji reactions". Access your favourite custom emojis in a jiffy and respond instantly with Quick emoji reactions. Configuring Quick emoji reactions will allow you to react with the emojis you frequently use by hovering over the message you receive.



Custom Stickers for your Cliq meetings😇


The custom stickers come in handy for fun-filled meetings with your team. You can make a boring meeting lively by using these fun stickers in Cliq meetings


Add your favourite emojis and custom stickers to Cliq and let us know how you liked it😀




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