Introducing Email Preferences: A global setup for role-based sharing preference

Introducing Email Preferences: A global setup for role-based sharing preference

Hello everyone,

We are glad to bring an important update in the way the Email Sharing is carried out in CRM. 

PS: We are rolling it in a phased manner and hope to release it for all our users within a months time.

We all agree that emails are an integral part of business communication. Saying that, it is important for concerned people within the organization to have access to all the relevant information that is exchanged via emails to be able to make decisions. In order to facilitate this, we allow admins to set email sharing permissions as per their business requirements.

So far, CRM email sharing privilege was setup manually for individual users. Though helpful, it is a little tedious to perform this activity every time a new member joins the team or their role within the organization is changed.

To address this, we have introduced Email Preferences, that will allow admins to set a role based email sharing preference. Aside from this, we have the made two other enhancements to the existing email sharing settings:
  • Mass update of sharing settings and more
  • Better UI experience
Let us give you a brief explanation of what these updates are about. 

Email Preferences
Email Preferences where admins can set a common sharing permission for a role. By doing so, all users of a particular role will follow the same email sharing permissions, by default.

For example, once sharing permission is set for the Sales manager role, all users within the role will automatically abide by the pre-configured sharing permission. There won't be a need to set sharing permission for individual managers.

Important: Email preference is an additional privilege provided to ease the process of setting email sharing permission for org users. Admins can continue to set permissions at the user level if that suits the orgs requirement.

Salient points
1. A new option called Preferences is provided within the Email Sharing Permissions page.

2. The roles created in the CRM account will be listed down for convenience. Admins can select the desired sharing permission for the corresponding role. The sharing permissions can be: Private, Public, Custom, or User's choice.

3. The domains excluded will apply to all users under the particular role. For example, if is an excluded domain for manager's role then it will apply to all the managers across org.

4. The users with whom the emails are to be shared can be selected from subordinate roles, peers, and other roles.

5. By default, emails will be shared with all the superior roles, this cannot be changed.

6. The sharing details can be applied to new users or both new and existing users.

For more details on setting email preferences refer to the help doc.

Introducing Mass update of email sharing permissions
Earlier admins had to update the sharing permission or domain exclusion and other details for individual users. Now, we are providing an option to mass update such details.

On clicking mass update, admins can select whether to update the excluded domains, emails shared with or the sharing permission.

UI enhancements in Email Sharing
We have made the following UI enhancements in email sharing to provide a visually enhancing and easy-to-use interface.

  1. Under the Sharing tab, the values appear within a boxed border.
  2. The number of roles and users appear in boxes.
  3. Prominent search box to find users and profiles.
For more information kindly refer to the help doc

That is all about the update. Stay tuned to know more about the release timeline. 


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