Introducing enhanced analytics suggestions, powered by Zia

Introducing enhanced analytics suggestions, powered by Zia

Dear All,
Zoho CRM offers various types of analytics components for user dashboards, like charts, KPI, comparator, anomaly detector, cohort, target meter, and so on. We're excited to announce that you can now use Zia's advanced suggestions to build these various elements of your analytical dashboard.
By analyzing your data and examining your reports and charts, Zia will provide you with top-notch suggestions for different analytical components that align with your organization's needs and business processes. Currently, Zia's suggestions will be available for cohort, quadrant, and anomaly detector components. 

Cohort analysis helps Zoho CRM users understand customer behavior across the sales life cycle or their buying trends and patterns, for analyzing support costs over a specific period, or other similar metrics. On the other hand, quadrant analysis scatters the data that users want to analyze or measure into four quadrants. For example, the type of campaigns versus the revenue generated to identify the campaign that was most effective could be a quadrant analysis. Anomaly detector on the other hand, detects any type of discrepancy in the user's usual business process.
The Zia suggestions will be provided to users based on what data they access most often via reports and modules. Hence, the components suggested, or the suggestion availability, will vary user to user. Suggestions will also vary based on the component type, as the field inputs taken for component configurations differ for each component.
When these suggestions are available for the first time, they'll be displayed as an insight message. You can view the suggestions by simply clicking the "Try now" button.

Once you've selected a suggestion, the configuration will be available in the pop-up window itself. You can edit the configuration if needed, or find additional recommendations by clicking the "Suggestions" button located in the top-right corner.

Additionally, in case there is enough data for anomalies, Zia will also notify you through the notification panel if there is any anomaly detected in your data. You can click on the notification and select the dashboard to add the component.

Just as Zia's suggestions will save you time and effort in creating your analytical dashboards, these improvements will enhance your overall experience while doing so.
Points to remember:
  • The suggestions can be different for different users within an org based on the data each user tends to view in CRM.
  • Zia's suggestions for analytical dashboard components will be available only for Enterprise and above editions with 20+ users.
  • For each component, a user can get a maximum of 15 suggestions.
That's all for the enhancements. Let us know your feedback and suggestions in the comments below.
P.S. These enhancements are being rolled out for all users in a phased manner.


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