Introducing enhanced document collaboration in Zoho Sign

Introducing enhanced document collaboration in Zoho Sign


We are delighted to introduce a couple of highly-requested collaboration enhancements in Zoho Sign. Efficient collaboration is undoubtedly the key to ensuring quick turnarounds in digital paperwork, and is often the difference between business deals that have been won and lost. Zoho Sign already offers collaborative e-sign workflows to collect signatures from multiple signers automatically.

Today, we are building on that with the following additions:
  • Sharing documents for collaboration
  • Sharing templates for reuse
As you may already know, Zoho Sign offers a role-based access system for document management with two roles - admins and users.

Previously, only the admins could access all the documents within a Zoho Sign organization, and the users could only access the documents they owned. With this update, admins can enable document sharing between users across the organization, allowing users to access and track the documents of other users that have been shared with them.

Also, previously, though only the admins could create templates, all the users could see and use them to send documents out for signatures. With this update, the admins must now choose the users whom they want to share particular templates with. Any newly-created template will not be readily accessible to the users unless shared with them specifically by the admins.

These enhancements, thus, allow for streamlined document collaboration, usage, and segmentation without compromising on internal data security and privacy. To understand how these enhancements work, let's consider this example:
You have four users and one admin in your Zoho Sign organization.
Sharing documents for collaboration
Two of these users, A and B, work together in a team and share responsibilities in handling paperwork. Therefore, it would benefit each of them to have access to the other person's documents as well for keeping track of their entire team's paperwork. In this scenario, the admin can now share A's documents with B and vice-versa for better collaboration. 

Sharing templates for reuse
Previously, all the four users in the organization, irrespective of their team or department, could view and use the templates created by the admin. A and B work together in a team, and the other users, C and D, work together in a different team. In this scenario, the admin can now create templates for each team and share them separately with only the users of the respective teams. This way A & B can't see or use the templates shared with C & D, and vice-versa, offering better segmentation in template access.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are these sharing enhancements available across all subscription plans?
No, these enhancements are not available across all subscription plans. The document sharing enhancement is available only in the Zoho Sign Enterprise Edition. The template sharing enhancement is available in the Professional Edition and above.

Where can I enable this?
If you are an admin of your Zoho Sign organization, you can enable sharing of documents between users from the Users section, and share templates with users from the Templates section. For step-by-step instructions, please refer to our help documentation here.

As an existing user of Zoho Sign, what has this changed in my organization?
No changes have been made to the sharing permissions and setup of existing users. Admins can follow our help documentation to enable sharing across their Zoho Sign organization and tweak the permissions to suit their collaboration needs. 

Can a user share their documents with another user?
No, only the admins can access and enable document and template sharing across users. If a user needs to share their documents or a template they have access to with another user, they would have to contact their admin to do so. Also, do note that template creation and management can still only be performed by admins and users are simply allowed to view and use the templates shared with them.

Can documents be selectively shared from one user or admin to another?
No, the share functionality when used shares all the documents belonging to a user or admin with another user. Individual documents cannot be shared at the moment but their ownership can be transferred to another user or admin.

This is the first among many steps we will be taking towards offering fine-grained role-based access in Zoho Sign. We truly hope that these enhancements will enable fast-growing organizations to stay on top of their deals and paperwork. Do follow this space for more updates soon.

Feel free to try out these enhancements and let us know your feedback. If you are having trouble and need assistance, or for further details, comment below or write to We look forward to hearing from you. 

Happy Zoho Signing!

Sai Anand

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