Introducing hybrid training: Automate your content delivery and focus more on learner engagement

Introducing hybrid training: Automate your content delivery and focus more on learner engagement

 Video-based learning is a widely-accepted e-learning trend, and it’s gaining momentum. What makes it trendy now and soon a staple of learning is it’s shorter, crispier and engaging nature, changing the way your audience members learn. These training videos allow you to create a sense of immersion and connect with viewers on a deeper level.
With ShowTime's latest update, you can add videos to your remote trainings thereby helping people learn from your videos as you keep them engaged with questions, polls, chat, etc. This model of combining live trainings with pre-recorded videos takes the monotony out of learning while also increasing audience engagement and participation.

Let us say you wish to talk about a topic presenting few slides, showcase few training videos and demonstrate a product workflow all in the same training. With ShowTime's latest update, you can add multiple presentations, video files, switch to screenshare anytime during the live training and also interact with them using Questions, polls, chat-box etc. This ability to present with multiple materials of various formats (video, pdf, slides) offers your audience a great blend of audio and visual elements to interact, explore, and comprehend the training content. 
Here are the steps to broadcast videos during online trainings: 
1. Click on Share Material and choose the video file that you wish to broadcast. 

2. You can also add new materials to your training during the live session by clicking on pick from Library

3. The trainer is given complete control of the video. The viewer will not be able to control (stop, re-wind, fast forward) the video when it is being played during the live training. You can also use the video toggle bar to move to the specific portion of the video that you wish to show your audience. 
In this changing online elearning landscape, trainers are always striving to show more and tell less when introducing learners to new information, concepts, and skills.  We hope that adding video clips to your online trainings can better assist your audience in gaining that deeper understanding of your training sessions.

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