Introducing Notifications in Motivator

Introducing Notifications in Motivator

Dear All,
We're here with an exciting enhancement to the Motivator feature in Zoho CRM: Notifications. Let's discuss the enhancement in detail.

Motivator, as you know, enables you to set a unified goal for your team and reward them with points and badges as they accomplish different milestones. This keeps them motivated and focused on their goals. You can define your own KPIs, set sales targets, create games, broadcast the progress in your TV channels, and much more. As these activities propel your business forward, it's important that you're notified whenever metrics are updated or deleted, or when a user levels up or down in a particular game. This new notifications enhancement will keep you up to date and aware of performance updates as they occur.

Motivator notification panel 

The notification panel can be viewed by clicking on the bell icon on the Motivator home page. This lists all the available notifications depending on your profile and involvement with the different KPIs, targets, or games. Here are some additional functions you can perform with notifications:
  • Filter notifications: The filter option will help you filter notifications based on your requirements and urgency. You can choose to view all notifications, or only notifications related to games, targets, or read, unread, or favorited notifications.

  • Notification actions: You can mark all notifications as read and clear all notifications in the notification side panel.

  • Notification previews: Upon clicking on a notification, you can view various details related to it. In case of a game, for example, you can see the game name, type, the KPIs involved, participants, duration of the game, and the trophies associated. Upon clicking a specific KPI, you will get more information on that KPI as well.

  • Mark as favorite: You can mark various notifications as favorites and view them later by filtering for the favorite notifications.

How will you receive notifications? 

You will be notified on the Motivator screen and other places across Zoho CRM.
  • Motivator notification panel: We have introduced a notification panel that lists all notifications from your Motivator. You can interact with each notification tile by clicking on them to show more details, mark them as favorites, or close each tile individually.

  • Other places in CRM: You will receive Motivator notifications across Zoho CRM in the form of notification cards. In the case of multiple notifications occurring simultaneously, the number of notifications will be mentioned on the card.

When will you receive notifications? 

You will be notified whenever there are changes in KPIs, games, or targets you have set.
  • For games: Notifications will be displayed when a game is created, started, completed, updated, or deleted, or when players level up, level down, or are added or removed.
  • For targets: Notifications will be displayed when targets are created, added, removed, completed, updated, or deleted.
  • For KPIs: Notifications will be displayed only when a KPI is updated or deleted.
The following table shows all the possible actions related to games, targets, and KPIs that might lead to a notification.

Who receives notifications? 

  • For targets: The organizer, teams, participating users, and, in the case of company targets, administrators can all view notifications related to targets. Otherwise, anyone who updates or modifies a target will also get notifications regarding targets.
  • For games: Notifications for different actions and status changes of games will be available for the organizer, the users in a team, in the case of team games, or individual users in the case of games created for specific users. Notifications will also be available for any game viewer.
  • For KPIs: Only if a user is associated with a target or an ongoing game will they be notified about KPIs. Otherwise, the organizer, participants, or viewers will also receive notifications about changes and other actions. 
That's everything concerning the new features we're introducing. If you'd like to learn more about Motivator, read here

Thank You!

P.S. These enhancements are now available for all users in all DCs.

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