Introducing portals for trial editions, allowing bulk operations, option to remove users, and more

Introducing portals for trial editions, allowing bulk operations, option to remove users, and more

Hello everyone,
Portals has provided admins an avenue to let their customers, stakeholders, partners and others access CRM modules and data as required for their business.

To enhance user experience and provide ease of working we have brought-in the following enhancements:

Introducing "Users" tab
The Portal user type UI is now divided into two tabs: Configuration and Users. The configuration tab can be used for editing the portal tab configuration and field permissions. While the user related activities like adding portal users, sending invitations, finding active users etc., can be done from the Users tab.
  • The configuration tab can be viewed by users who have the manage portal permission.
  • The users tab will be viewed by those who have manage the portal users permission.

List of bulk functionalities
Inviting users and other related operations are currently performed manually which is time-consuming, to allow quick actions we have introduced the following bulk operations:
Inviting users - From the Users tab, there is an option to Invite users and send them invitation in bulk.

Upon clicking Invite users, you will be redirected to the respective module (for which portal is been created) and select users in bulk.

Deactivate users - Active users can be removed or deactivated from the portal.

Change portal user type - Users can be transferred to another portal in bulk.

Reinvite, activate or remove users - Unconfirmed users can be re-invited or removed. Likewise, the deactivated users can be re-activated.

Criteria based filter for users
To facilitate easy identification, we have introduced a user filter where admins can quickly spot the users from the following criteria:
  • Active
  • Confirmed
  • Unconfirmed
  • Deactivated
Bulk operations can be performed on the users depending on the criteria they belong. For example, unconfirmed users can be re-invited or removed.

Reason for failure in sending invitation
There are several reasons due to which the portal invitation can remain unsent to the users. Once the invitation is sent, a message will pop in the CRM account showing the number of successful or failed invitations.
By clicking on the failure reasons you can see the list of users who did not receive the invitation and the reason.

Some reasons for failure are listed here:
  • Domain matches with the super admin's domain - The portal user belongs to the company domain. You cannot send an invitation to your employees or anyone who uses your company domain.
  • Record is waiting for approval - If the record is awaiting approval from any approval process, then the invitation will not be sent as the record will be locked during this period.
  • Record is waiting for review - If the record is part of the review process then a portal invitation will not be sent to the record.
  • Record has not got the consent - If a user has enabled consent as part of the GDPR process, then portal invitation will not be sent.
Editing Portal URL
Earlier the portal URL selected in the beginning of the configuration was non-editable. We are now allowing editing of the URL if needed.

Kindly note that there will be no automatic notification sent to the portal users about the change of URL. They should be intimated individually.

Supporting related modules from both lookup and multi-lookup fields
Earlier, only those modules that were linked through the lookup field were displayed as the related modules. Now we are also allowing the modules that are linked through the multi-lookup field also. Therefore, one record can be shared with multiple users.

Portals for trial edition users
Until now Portals was available only for the paid edition users, we are now making it available for Enterprise and Ultimate trial editions too. They can use it for the 30-day trial period. Once configured, the system-defined default portal for the Contacts module will be created to which they can add a maximum of 10 users. 
In case, the trial account is not upgraded to Enterprise or Ultimate paid edition the following actions will be taken:
  • If you subscribe to Standard or Professional paid editions then the portal created in the trial edition will be retained.
  • If you subscribe to Free edition then the portal details will be deleted after 30 days.
Kindly refer to the help doc for more details.

Anumita Gupta
Zoho CRM
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