Rollup summary in Zoho CRM | Public Early Access 2023

Rollup summary in Zoho CRM | Public Early Access 2023

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We're here with an exciting update that goes right into CRM's core capabilities. It's called the Rollup summary. This is available on a public early access mode, which means this feature will be enabled for you upon request. To submit your request for this feature, kindly fill this form.

Let's go!

Your CRM is a vast database with well-connected data sources, where you can access both the primary and associated information from one place.

Consider the Leads module, for example. A lead record encompasses information about the lead, their activities, and other applicable information, enough to decide upon the next move. This sort of association forms the foundation for data accessibility.

However, when it comes to effective data management, mere association alone is not adequate. You need what is called an interoperable data relationship between your primary and associated data. In the CRM context, an ability to associate values from the related lists with the primary information itself is the premise of the Rollup summary.

Rollup summary
Rollup summary is a field type that can summarize or aggregate values from your desired related list. It is adaptable and versatile. All you have to do is to choose which property to aggregate from your related list and assign that to the field, the field will start rolling up values.

Let us look at different scenarios where rollup summary can benefit you:

Example 1: Aggregate account-based revenue
The accounts module in your CRM holds business information about your prospects and customers. It also displays the contacts, deals, quotes, invoices, and other information associated as related lists.

Now, to assess the account's contribution before signing a purchase agreement, the sales manager had to create a report and aggregate the values separately.

With the rollup summary field added to the module, you can get an auto-assimilated value of invoices created for the account. This saves a lot of time and effort invested in creating reports and the best part is that the field, upon addition, will be available for all records in that layout.

Using this computed value in the rollup field, you can create automation, create a review process, and so on.

Example 2: Take action on the untouched deals
Untouched deals are deals without any actions till time. These kinds of deals are not only stagnant but are also unfavorable for business. However, for an enterprise business that creates more deals each day, manually identifying untouched deals and following up could be a missed opportunity, already. To keep a constant eye, you can create a rollup field that displays the number of untouched deals in your contact records and quickly follow up or automate.

Example 3: Get to know overdue tasks
Tasks are a great way to plan your actions that also act as a reminder. In Zoho CRM, when you add a task it will be added to the open activities related list. Until a task is completed, the task won't be moved to the closed activities. But, due to some lapse, if the rep couldn't complete the task on time, the task will remain in the open activities, giving an impression that the task has time left and as a sales manager, you might want to know of such cases in the leads module. This is where the rollup field will come in handy. With rollup being a field, you can use that as a column and filter the records with values in it.

Likewise, you can add a rollup field type to your layout editor and get value assimilated as a read-only field in your record detail page.

Currently, the rollup summary field property will list only fields that are part of the system-defined related list belonging to a module.

  • Rollup field is available in all modules except in tasks, calls, meetings, and appointments.
  • Rollup summary field type is available only for organizations with Enterprise and Ultimate editions of CRM. You can create up to 10 rollup fields per module for Enterprise and 15 for Ultimate edition.
That's about rollup summary. We hope this new feature will help you conduct cumulative analyses effectively. While this is just the first cut of the release, we are planning the following enhancements:
  • Customization capabilities: We are developing the ability to customize and configure your own rollup summary field. This enables you to aggregate different parameters for different related lists.
  • Rollup as a workflow trigger: In addition to using the field as criteria in a workflow rule, we are developing to base workflow automation upon a rollup field as a rule condition itself. This will enable you to create automation exclusively based on a rollup field.
To request this feature for your account, kindly fill this form.

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