Introducing routine messages in AskZia

Introducing routine messages in AskZia

Dear All,


AskZia is our conversational chatbot designed to provide on-demand responses to your queries. You can prompt Zia with different messages like "leads created today" or "list of deals that closed won this quarter", or even ask for guidance on a particular subject. Zia will provide instantaneous responses. Click here to learn more about the AskZia chatbot.

While these instant responses are handy, we understand that regularly typing queries to receive information you need often is repetitive and unproductive. For this reason, we're adding routine messages  to AskZia and are excited to share more information. Let's have a look!

How do routine messages help?
To stay up to date in the business world, users often ask Zia the same questions frequently. For example, sales reps might want to know the number of leads they've created at the end of each day; sales managers might want to know the number of deals closed each month; or as you start your day, you might want to have a quick glimpse at your open tasks or cases.
At times like these, Zia's routine message feature enables you to pre-configure messages and set the time or frequency so that these messages will be triggered automatically and fetch relevant responses. All you have to do is check the responses.

How do I set routine messages?
There are two ways you can set routine messages:
  1. Add it from the routine messages chat window. 

  2. Or, set your existing message as a routine message. 
Where can I see these routine messages and responses?
Zia displays these messages and their responses in a dedicated window for routine messages within the AskZia panel.

  • All CRM users (in Enterprise and Ultimate editions) can configure and view routine messages in their respective accounts.
  • A user can add up to five routine messages.
  • You can either add a custom message or choose from the suggestions available.
  • You can also preview how the response renders in real time.
What happens when I set a routine message on the 31st day of each month?
For months with 31 days (Jan, March, May, July, Aug, Oct, and Dec), Zia will push the messages on that date. Otherwise, in months with only 28/29 or 30 days (Feb, April, June, September, and November), Zia will push those messages on the last day of the month.

What are the limitations?
  • Action or skill-based messages like create task or create record are not supported in routine messages.
  • Looking up help resources or starting a search are not supported in routine messages.
That's about the update. We have opened this feature for all users in IN, EU, US, and AU DCs. For more information on AskZia, click here

Thanks and have a good one!

Kind Regards,
Saranya Balasubramanian
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