Introducing Skill-Based Ticket Assignment

Introducing Skill-Based Ticket Assignment

The goal of every support team is to provide great support, and to do so as fast as they can. To make this possible, it is important that agents spend their time judiciously, especially when they're dealing with a large number of tickets of varying urgency and needs. Every minute a ticket is left unassigned is a minute that an agent can't work on a ticket to find a solution. 

Keeping this in mind, we've introduced a feature to ensure that your tickets find the right agent for the job immediately. Skill-Based Assignment adds an extra layer of detail and specificity to Round Robin Assignment. It works by detecting the skills needed to resolve a ticket, matching them to agents with the same skills, and assigning the ticket to the available agent with the lightest ticket load.

Managers can assign skills to agents based on their specialties, like expertise in specific topic or competency in a certain language. Once you have assigned skills to your agents, you can manually or automatically add skills to your tickets, based on your preferences. If you choose to auto-assign, skills will be added to your tickets based on a set of pre-defined criteria. 

In cases where the circumstances of a ticket have changed and the ticket requires a different set of skills, you can use the Recalculate Skills option to remove the existing skills associated with the ticket and update it with a set of more relevant skills. Once the skills have been recalculated or manually edited, the ticket can now be reassigned to another agent by using the Reassign Ticket by Skills option. This reassigns the ticket automatically to the best agent available using the updated set of skills.

For example, if you run an ecommerce enterprise, and receive a ticket in German from a customer who is unable to access your website, you would want the ticket to be routed to an agent who handles website-related issues and is fluent in German. Skill-Based Assignment detects the language used and skills needed, and searches for agents with the same skillset. You can also choose to order the skills assigned to a ticket based on priority.

In this manner, Skill-Based Assignment can help you ensure that your customers get the help they need swiftly, from the best person for the job. It reduces wait times, accelerates resolution times, and creates a better overall experience for your customers and agents alike. Enough said—are you ready to try it? 

If you'd like to know more about this feature, you can read about it here. Please note that it is only available for users with subscriptions to Zoho One, Zoho CRM Plus, or Zoho Desk's Enterprise Plan. If you have any questions, suggestions, or clarifications, drop us a comment below or send us an email at We would love to know what you think!
Team Zoho Desk 

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