Early access for Team Pipelines: Bigin's next big update to transform the customer-facing operations for small businesses and teams

Early access for Team Pipelines: Bigin's next big update to transform the customer-facing operations for small businesses and teams

Dear customers,

Are you ready to check out Bigin's most exciting new update? 

We're absolutely thrilled about this announcement!  

Say hello to Team Pipelines - pipelines that unify all your customer-facing operations in one platform.

What's this new update all about?

Every business, small or big, is characterized by multiple customer-facing operations like sales, marketing, or customer success. As a small business owner, you either have a team where everyone handles multiple operations, or individual members take care of specific operations. Ideally, every piece of information gathered from your customers needs to be added to your CRM so that you and your team can access it whenever necessary. 
Ultimately, unifying customer information and streamlining every piece of your day-to-day operation becomes the key to getting a holistic view of your customers and scaling the difficult summit that is, achieving the single source of truth for customer data.

Currently, most of you use Bigin to manage your sales operations. Alternatively, you can rename modules, customize the fields and stages in your pipelines to manage operations other than sales like customer onboarding, marketing case studies, product delivery, etc. 
But what happens when you want to simultaneously manage your deals, onboarding, and implementation, all in the same Bigin account? 

What we have noticed with the current pipeline system is that, most customers either create multiple Bigin accounts, or resort to other tools like spreadsheets, help desk software, etc. to manage customer-facing operations other than sales.    

But in such cases, your customer data gets scattered between multiple tools, resulting in a lack of coordination amongst your team members, leading to an overall delay in execution and non-satisfactory customer experience.

It is to address this lack of unification that we're introducing Team Pipelines in Bigin.
Introducing Team Pipelines


Now, let's see how a typical product purchase journey looks with the introduction of Team Pipelines.

During the purchase process, your customers talk to sales and that is usually tracked in the Deals pipeline. If there is a legal contract involved in the sale, the same can be managed in the Legal pipeline by the legal team. Once the deal is won, the product delivery can be captured in the Delivery pipeline, and at every stage of this pipeline, customers can be notified automatically on the status of the delivery.
Similarly, once the product is delivered, there may be further stages like installation and activation that can be tracked in the respective pipelines by the teams.

In the journey that we saw now, at least five different people are working together to deliver a great experience to customers.
How will the new update help? 
Before Team Pipelines, none of your team members would have had the visibility of the tasks and operations carried out by the other teams. They would have been forced to call, chat, or email each other at every single point, making the whole journey chaotic and inefficient for your customers.
Whereas, with Team Pipelines, every team's operation is now visible and accessible inside a single Bigin account. All you have to do is click on a contact, and you will know the status of every activity associated with the contact.

Team Pipelines and sub pipelines: The ideal tag team to manage your unique customer operations

Within each Team Pipeline, you can also create different Sub-pipelines. Sub-pipelines within a Team Pipeline differ only by stages. So within a Team Pipeline, if you need to have different sets of stages for different deals, you can create Sub-pipelines. In other words, Sub-pipelines in Bigin are nothing but the current multi pipeline functionality that you see.

Your Bigin account now becomes the single source of truth for customer information. It gives all your team members a 360-degree view of customer information, enabling them to handle customer relations and interactions successfully. 


How is the new version different from the existing Bigin UI?
  • Pipelines is now a separate module in Bigin. Where there used to be Deals/Opportunities before, you now have Pipelines. Within this module, you can manage multiple types of records like Deals, Tickets, Requests, etc.

  • The older version of Pipelines you've created previously will be available as Sub-pipelines at the bottom inside each Team Pipeline.
  • Each team pipeline can manage a different record type. For example, you can manage deals in sales pipeline, tickets in customer support pipeline, and so on.
  • You can create pipelines from scratch or use any of the templates offered in Bigin.
  • You can make your team pipelines extremely operation-specific by giving them relevant names, choosing the necessary fields, adding suitable stages, and assigning the right user profiles to access the pipelines.

  • You can minimize the Team Pipelines panel when you don't need them by clicking on the Minimize Arrow Icon at the bottom left.

Please take a look at the help documentation for a detailed understanding of how you can implement Team Pipelines for your business   

How to get early access?

The Team Pipelines feature is now up for early access for all our customers, and as always, we look forward to your first-hand feedback after using the feature. Please visit this web page and
fill up the form. You'll be notified once we enable Team Pipelines to your account.

You can write to us at
support@bigin.com anytime with your comments and feedback. 
PS: I'll be around whenever you need any help with the new update. Simply leave a comment in this post to get your questions answered  

Have a great day!

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