Introducing temp availability for your Zoho Workerly account

Introducing temp availability for your Zoho Workerly account

To have a long and successful relationship with your clients as a temp staffing agent, you have to be efficient and quick in delivering the right temps for the right jobs. At Zoho Workerly, we believe better communication means faster scheduling.
Note: In this article, you will find 'Availability' used to discuss the feature. We now allow agencies to customise their account by letting their temps mark availability or unavailability, but both options fall under the Availability feature. You can read more about it here.

What was Zoho Workerly offering before?

Temps could mark their unavailability from their mobile app or temp portal and availability from the temp portal only. It is then synced with your Zoho Workerly account.

On the scheduling board:
  • You could find temps' 'unavailability' status.
  • If your account was customised for marking 'availability' instead of the default option of 'unavailability,' temps who were marked as 'available' would be displayed on the scheduling board for a given job.
What's new?
Apart from temps, you (agent) can now mark your temps' availability status from your Zoho Workerly account.
Navigate to the Temps module and click on '+' to mark the availability for any temp in your database.
  1. Respective temps will find these changes synced with their worker app and temp portal. (They can use their temp login credentials to access it.)
  2. The availability status will remain editable anytime by both you and your temps.
  3. You can both delete these statuses as well, except for any that were made for a past date.
With availability being marked and synced with both your account and the temp portal:
  1. You can avoid reaching out to temps to inquire about their availability for covering a shift.
  2. During certain scenarios where temps are unable to access their temp portal, they can inform you about their availability and you can mark it for them. 
Questions? Feedback? Suggestions? Leave them in the comment box below or feel free to reach out to
May the tempforce be with you!
The Zoho Workerly Team

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