Introducing the All-new Zoho Social: Elevate team-work, social content, and more

Introducing the All-new Zoho Social: Elevate team-work, social content, and more

Hey Folks!

We are excited to announce our latest product release. From content curation, to team management—we're covering a wide spectrum of upgrades with this release. Some of the key additions that you'll find will include YouTube integration, LikedIn Lead Generation, and a brand new Content Approval system designed for teams.

Here's a detailed look at what is in store: 

1. Video Marketing

YouTube Integration

Video is the content of the now, and scaling up video marketing efforts is going to be a high priority in the marketing verse. So say hello to our newest integration partner - YouTube. With Zoho Social, you can now publish and schedule videos content to your YouTube channels directly from Zoho Social's Publishing Window. You can also track performance for each video and respond in real-time to engagement. 

From the Monitor tab, you can keep an eye on your YouTube activity - all your Likes, Playlists, Comments, etc. Our robust set of analytics covers everything from who your viewers are, what your most watched content is, and granular data like how many minutes people are averaging on your videos.

While you're at it, stay up-to-date on your channel's performance with full fledged reports to see ranging from follower growth to engagement and audience demographics.You can schedule your YouTube performance reports and download or share them with your team and clients with ease.

Here are some articles to help you get started with YouTube on Zoho Social.

Custom Video Thumbnail:

A small but necessary upgrade, this feature lets you set a custom thumbnail for your video content through Zoho Social's publisher. You can do this by choosing a thumbnail image from one of the video frames, or upload your own designs.

Learn more about this feature here.

 2. Content Approvals & Workflows

Streamlining your content workflow just got way easier! With the new Content Approvals and Workflow features, you can now work better with your team to move content around a neat pipeline. You can do that by setting up your own Approval system to optimize your social media publishing routine. 

You can assign specific team members as content Approvers to approve and publish drafts, and assign others as publishers or contributors who can create and send drafts for approval! This way the teams can have greater editorial control over what content goes out from their social channels.

To learn more, check out our help guide to learn more about content approvals

3. Smarter Publishing Assistance

With this update, we've added enough tools and features to enhance your content's reach and do more than just publishing and scheduling.

UTM Parameters

If you've wondered which channels fetch the most views for your URLs, this feature is here to help you answer that. By attaching UTM parameters to the links that you publish from Zoho Social, you can set trackers in place to monitor your social traffic.  You can now define UTM parameters directly from Zoho Social, to get a a break down of engagement from each source while analyzing later on any analytics tool like Google Analytics.

Check out these guides to read more about how UTM parameters can be set on Zoho Social.

Instagram First Comment

On Zoho Social you can now pre-load a first comment to your Instagram Post and schedule it along with your post itself. You can do that right from the Publishing Window itself. Instagram first comment, can help optimize the reach of a post to get it across Instagram searches, and be discovered on the Explore page.

Get a better understanding of Instagram first comments with our handy guide.


See something on the Monitor tab or anywhere on your Dashboard, that you'd like to retweet? Simply use the Retweet Scheduling button to get more traction for the Tweet. This also lets you space out your posting and not spam the feed.

Check out our user guide to learn more about the retweet scheduling feature.

4. Manage Content Better

We know how it's not always easy to manage content when you're a team handling social media. These are a few of the features we have been most excited to assist with content marketing. Now access all your images and feeds in one place with Zoho Social's content library.

RSS Feeds

Get all your favorite website content delivered right to your RSS Feeds inbox on Zoho Social. Add your favorite feeds and toggle between them to read article snippets. 
You can curate content from the RSS Feeds anytime and share it with your social media audience, by publishing or scheduling for later, directly from this space. This way you also get to discover, read, and manage all subscribed content from one place and add to your buffer of content.

Head over to our guide to read more on RSS Feeds.
Media Library

Zoho Social now packs a Media Library to serve as a content repository for you and your team. Store your brand assets and marketing content like videos, images, GIFs, etc to use anytime. You can add content to your Media library from your devices, or from our range of integrated cloud services.

Learn more about this new feature here.

Cloud Picker

Access any of your media from across a range cloud platforms such as Zoho WorkDrive, Google Drive, DropBox etc, right from Zoho Social's publisher. With our new Cloud Picker tool, you can now access your resources from within your Zoho Social dashboard by simply connecting your Brand to your cloud services.

5. Generate Leads From LinkedIn

With LinkedIn Lead Ads you can promote targeted content to professionals and specific industry people, and gather more contact information via Lead Forms. With Zoho Social, this lead data can be seamlessly captured and analyzed. You can also map these details back to your Zoho CRM sales dashboard. 

Read more about managing LinkedIn Leads Ads with Zoho Social.

6. Enhanced zShare capabilities

Our free browser extension zShare helps you share texts, links, and images with a single tap. With a few new tweaks, zShare is now positioned to make your content curation much faster and easier.  If you're using Zoho Social, the zShare extension can be downloaded from here.
Let's take a look at the new zShare capabilities-

zShare with Google

Get more out of your Google searches with your zShare browser extension. When you hit-up any search on Google, the zShare button will now suggest related Keyword and User results pulled directly from Twitter, for you to check out.

zShare with Twitter

If you're browsing the Twitter web app and find a Tweet you'd like to share, you can now directly share or schedule it as a retweet for later. You can do this by hitting the zShare button that pops up below the Tweet.

zShare with Facebook

See an interesting piece of content on Facebook that you'd like to share across your networks? Simply hit the zShare button below the post, to directly publish or schedule via Zoho Social.

Learn more about the new zShare features with this set of guides.

New Pricing & Plans

Keeping in mind the bulk of requirements for larger marketing teams, we've introduced our biggest edition for businesses yet - the Premium plan. Built for handling multi-user collaboration and workflow requirements, Premium is ideal for businesses who do not have to resort to upgrading to our Agency edition.

This plan gives teams unlimited brand add-ons and a default of 3 team members with unlimited additional team member add-ons. Premium plan comes with all the features available on Zoho Social except for a few Agency-specific requirements. Among non-agency plans, features like LinkedIn lead ads, Content Approvals and YouTube integration are available only on Premium. 

Check out our new Pricing plans from here.

For Bundles

Please note that Zoho One & CRMPlus customers will be automatically upgraded to the Premium plan at no extra cost. Zoho One customers can also specifically request for Agency features for Social at an additional cost of $10 a month. Brand add-ons will have to be purchased separately.

We hope you find these features helpful. Do reach out to us anytime for queries or doubts, we're happy to help. Our support team is available at


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