Introducing the Codeless Bot platform in SalesIQ - the fastest way to build chatbots!

Introducing the Codeless Bot platform in SalesIQ - the fastest way to build chatbots!

Bot building with minimal or no coding is the need of the hour. So, we at Zoho SalesIQ, are here, introducing our Codeless Bot platform. With this platform, you can create chatbots in minutes without a line of code. The platform uses blocks to collect pieces of information from the visitor, sends personalized messages, and performs actions based on their needs.

Highlights of the Codeless bot:

  • Rule-based chatbots:  It is a code-free, rule-based chatbot builder in SalesIQ that can help you create a conversational bot just by designing a flowchart. The platform works on the basis of predefined inputs and keywords. All instructions for the bot are pre-coded by developers so that the bot can act and respond accordingly. The bot questions the visitor, provides response suggestions and when the visitor responds, it analyses the intents in the response and replies contextually. 
  • Easy management : You can build and make changes to the bot flow anytime without any complexity. 
How it can ease the bot building experience?:

  • No-code experience: This platform will only require you to build a flow chart based on your requirements for the bot and requires absolutely no code. Once the flow is done, SalesIQ will build the bot for you.
  • Drag and drop interface: The builder has a simple drag and drop interface wherein you have to drag elements from the right side of the builder and drop them in the cardholder.
  • Quick and efficient : Once the flow chart is complete with no open links, you can publish the bot then and there and it will be fully ready to assist website visitors.


Let's look at some important terms that are used inside the codeless bot platform.

  1. Card: They define the functions performed by the bots. Add, remove and rearrange cards to change the bot's functionality. 
  2. Cardholder: Click or drag and drop the block to the cardholder to add as a card in the bot's flow.
  3. Block: Drag and drop blocks from the block gallery to the board to add them as cards.
  4. Connected link: They are the defined connections. Once executed, the flow will move on to the next card.   
  5. Open link: They are undefined connections. You can add cards to the open links to continue the flow.
  6. Link tag: Links tag is used to denote the rules or other conditions of the link.
  7. Preview: This option lets you preview the working of the bot as you make changes.

  • Navigate to Settings > Bot > Zobot.
  • Inside the Zobot dashboard, click Add.
  • Give your bot a name and choose the platform - Codeless bot builder. Click Next.
  • Then, add a description, choose a brand and click Next.
  • Choose the bot audience. 
  • Then, choose when the bot must initiate a chat with a website visitor.
  • Set the bot response interval.
  • Following this, set up chat inactivity rules.
  • If you want to let, your visitors connect to human agents, enable the Allow Handoff option. Finally, click Create.
  • Once the bot is created, you will be redirected to the codeless bot builder page, where you can design flow-based conversations using blocks that appear on clicking cardholder (+).

Benefits of using a chatbot: 

  • Save more with chatbots: There is always a huge upfront cost involved with respect to hiring operators for a business. You can cut down on these costs and deploy chatbots on your website to assist visitors.   
  • Swift bot building: The no-code chatbot platforms make your bot building quicker and more efficient. With most of the development done for you, these platforms only require your development team to focus on features that enhance the effectiveness of the bots and not on first-level features.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks: Zobots eliminate the need for operators to do the same work again and again over time. They help automate tasks which are to be frequently done and at the right time.This can help you save time and increase productivity, while also avoiding errors.
  • Stronger security: Another most important aspect of chatbot deployment is security. You need to have strongly coded bots to make sure your business is not vulnerable to any kind of attacks. With the Codeless bot, you can be least worried about the security of your business and the website.
To learn how to build a codeless bot for your business, click here.

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