Field of Lookup in CRM | Public Early Access 2023

Field of Lookup in CRM | Public Early Access 2023

Hello All,

We're thrilled to talk about a much-awaited enhancement to lookup fields—
now associate fields from the lookup modules. This is a functionality we had already provided for subforms and is now made available for the layout lookup fields as well. This is available on a public early access mode, which means this feature will be enabled for you upon request. To submit your request for this feature, kindly fill this form.

So let's get into the details, without further ado!

Field of Lookup
Lookup fields, as we all know, helps you associate data from one module to another. You can lookup for the records in your Contacts module through a lookup field in the Deals module, and associate them as desired.

Until recently, the usage of lookup fields was restricted only to associating the primary field values for the particular module. After looking up for contacts to associate with a deal, only the contact name would be available in the deals module. However, there can be situations when you need additional related details from the lookup module about the record that was associated, for example, the contact's number, or email address.

Although you had provisions to meet these requirements using custom functions, with our latest enhancements you can now associate fields from the lookup module into your record.

How to associate fields of the lookup module?

Let's say, in the Students module of a university, the lookup field for the Course type will display the name of the course a student is interested in. However, in instances when you want to view more details such as course fee, course duration, subjects, principal coordinator, etc. then you can use the field of the lookup module option to associate those fields from the Course module.
. You can either select the field from the courses module to be available in the students module and add it as a new field in the students module. Ex. let's say, course fee, duration, or subject(s).
. Again, let's say, you need to have the course instructor field, and a custom field for the instructor is already existing in the students module. Hence, you can choose the option to map with the existing field.

Points to be noted

. These enhancements will be available for Enterprise and Ultimate editions.
. Field of lookup option will be available in Modules that support the lookup field.
. For each lookup field in your module, you can associate a maximum of 5 fields from the lookup module into your primary module layout.

Upcoming enhancements
Here is a list of future enhancements related to the field of lookup to enhance your experience using the feature.

. Field of lookup User and Record owner fields will be available to associate as fields of lookup.
. Mapping the fields from the lookup module with system-defined fields in the primary module will be supported.
. Keeping the field of lookup values in sync based on the value changes in the lookup module.

That's all about the enhancements. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions in the comments below.

Thanks and have a good one!

To submit your request for this feature, kindly fill this form.

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