Introducing Workflow for Facebook and Twitter

Introducing Workflow for Facebook and Twitter

Hello everyone,
We have recently introduced workflows for Facebook and Twitter.
The feature will allow you to automate a comment, reaction, reply or like when you receive a comment or post from the customers.
Consider a subscriber makes a post on your Facebook page complaining about an unsuccessful renewal. It needs immediate attention because the subscription is about to expire. You can set a workflow that automatically posts a comment stating that an agent will contact him within 24 hours. 

By using keywords like "payment failed" and "subscription renewal" you can set the key identifiers as to when the workflow should be triggered. Similarly, if you have multiple Facebook handles you can select to which page the rule applies. 

Aside from the above mentioned use case you can set a workflow rule for:
1. Creation a task for the sales rep to contact those prospects who retweet your tweets.
2. Sending an email acknowledgement along with product order form if the customer sends a direct message requesting for the product. Here you can add the product name as keyword.
3. Updating the lead status as "interested" if someone likes your post or retweets.
4. Replying to a comment or post a comment when someone writes or comments on your post.

Read more about the conditions, instant actions and other details in the help doc.
Try the feature and let us know your feedback.

Anumita Gupta
              Zoho Marketing Automation
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