Introducing Zoho Developer: An exclusive developer space to expand the functionality of Zoho products.

Introducing Zoho Developer: An exclusive developer space to expand the functionality of Zoho products.

We're pleased to announce a brand new, cost-free addition to the Zoho family: Zoho Developer. This new suite of tools will help our independent partners grow their businesses by building extensions and integrations for many of Zoho's cloud-based business apps.

The Developer Console is a comprehensive toolbox that includes all the components needed to build powerful extensions and third-party integrations. By creating pre-built, modular software components, developers can either extend the core functionality of Zoho CRM by adding bundles of custom features with Native Extensions, or they can link Zoho CRM with a wide range of external applications through Third-party Integrations built with the help of connectors and custom variables. They can also build Custom Applications for Zoho Creator. Using the console, developers can build just about anything they can think of.

To make this possible, the Developer Console draws on Zoho’s own proprietary scripting language—Deluge—which was designed to be intuitive enough for new users but powerful enough for the pros. Even novice developers with little programming experience can jump right in and build high-end products.

Once you've built your extension or integration, you'll be able to sell to Zoho's broad customer base directly by listing your product in the Zoho Marketplace, our sales hub of over 20 million Zoho customers. So get started with Zoho Developer right away!

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Check out our quick-start guide to get started building extensions.

Please share your thoughts about our new product. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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                      Hi, I am working on concept where i have 6 Images which are captured under 6 different illumination condition. Different illumination causes reflection in different places in a captured images. So i have use those images and get one reflection free image without losing/altering any information of image.i did lot of experiments on the collected 6 images but nothing worked......any suggestion it could be helpful for me..Thank you 

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