Introducing Zoho Sprints 2.0 | User Experience Redefined

Introducing Zoho Sprints 2.0 | User Experience Redefined

Greetings sprinters!

Get ready to upgrade to a better version of project management today as we proudly unveil Zoho Sprints 2.0 - an extraordinary leap towards a more intuitive and delightful user experience. The core of this release lies in a complete facelift of our user interface, meticulously designed to cater to all your needs in a sprinting tool.

We've considered three factors crucial for this release from an end-user perspective: Consistency, Customization, and Convenience. Every little UI change or feature enhancement you'd notice in this new version is crafted keeping these factors in mind. We've tried our best to bring many user requirements to reality and reduce the number of clicks as best as possible.

Access everything on one go (Standardized user interface)

Wake up to a compact and consolidated view of your entire workspace with the help of our new single-page layout. Access team-related features from the collapsible left navigation panel, hop between project modules from the top navigation bar, and access all the other settings and features from the right navigation panel.

A common design (Unified details page) 

Be it a project, task, epic, or bug, you will experience a unified design layout applied to their Details page across the product. This change is done primarily to bring design consistency to all the entity pages catering to similar needs.

All in one, all at once (Portfolio view) 

View project data across the workspace from different perspectives easily with this feature. Access inbuilt filtered views or customize views based on your specific requirements as necessary.

Stay up-to-date (Feed)

Never miss out on the latest news and updates from your teammates across projects and stay updated all the time.

A better view with the best design (Enhanced list view)

Get a better view of project and user data with an improved tabular design in List View.

Where a spreadsheet meets a sprint (Enhanced sheet view)

Access workspace users or work items belonging to a sprint, backlog, board, release, or an epic in the Sheet view and update fields like how you do in an actual spreadsheet. Interpret data visually as charts and generate reports as necessary.

More customizable than before (Enhanced backlog & scrum board)

With the Board Customization Settings, you can customize the board cards and statuses, and manage field visibility based on your current project requirements.

With the Backlog View Settings, you can customize the project and sprint backlogs based on your preferences. You can also manage field visibility and pin preferred fields for an optimal display of data.

Additionally, you can update work item fields belonging to the Backlog, Board, Epic, and Release modules in bulk.

Manage projects with precision (Improved filter capabilities)

Personalize filter criteria using conditions and save a frequently used filter for future use as necessary.

Communicate better (Code and markdown editor)

We have supported Code and Markdown editors in the Description and Comment sections across the product. You can insert your code in a set format and transform it to text in no time.

Apply a mode to reflect your mood (Improved theme settings)

Personalize your Sprints portal to suit your style by adjusting the themed color scheme, font size, and font family with the Change Preference option. Additionally, switch the mode to day, night, or auto for optimal eye comfort.

Upgrade to the fast lane (Improved speed and performance)

Zoho Sprints is now three times faster and more performance-driven than ever before. Experience super-fast load times that ensure you spend less time staring at the screens and more time driving your projects forward. Our team has fine-tuned every gear to ensure swift and seamless navigation, making your end-to-end experience in the app faster and more satisfactory.


Mobile app updates 

No, we aren't done yet. Our mobile app experience is also going to get a lot better as we plan to release the following updates in its new version:
  • Sleek and refreshing UI
  • Time tracking
  • Improved filter capabilities for precision
  • Task cloning
  • Insights on the go with Activity Stream
  • Enhanced accessibility with custom fields, and
  • Swimlanes for unparalleled organization.

We've enabled the new version to all our existing users irrespective of their current plans. If you are an existing user, you can log into your Sprints account and upgrade to the latest version through the Switch to 2.0 banner.

We are super thrilled about this release today and look forward to your comments and feedback.

Happy New Year!
The Zoho Sprints team.

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