JSON getting sub data

JSON getting sub data

Just getting into Flow / Deluge and am making progress but am now stuck and hoping this is a really simple thing. 

I have a webhook coming in from Quotient. The payload contains sub items I need to for each on, so I can add monthly revenue and One Off. I cannot work out how to use .tojsonList to get this into a list

The data I am after is in selected_items and basically all I want to do is run through the items with a couple of if statements that add the revenue together into one varialble if subscription is not null and another if subscription is null. Once I can get iterating through the data I can do this, it just wont be pretty. 

Any advice how I get this data into a variable I can for each through?
The payload is 

   discount_amount_includes_tax: 0,
   overall_discount: 0,
   quote_number: 558,
   quote_for: {
      name_first: "GILESINT",
      address: {
         zip: "",
         country: "",
         city: "",
         street: "",
         state: "",
         type: ""
      phone: {
         type: "",
         value: ""
      company_name: "CTINT",
      name_last: "Cunningham",
      email: "giles@k7.net"
   discount_amount_excludes_tax: 0,
   for: "CTINT",
   quote_status: "Awaiting Acceptance",
   title: "Tittle of quote",
   first_sent: "2020-04-24T13:34:44+00:00",
   total_excludes_tax: 3,
   amounts_are: "Tax Exclusive (Inclusive Total)",
   valid_until: "2020-05-24T13:34:00+00:00",
   is_archived: false,
   selected_items: [
         item_code: "",
         quantity: 2,
         heading: "m",
         sales_category: "Sales",
         description: "",
         discount: 0,
         item_total: 2,
         tax_description: "20% VAT",
         subscription: "Month, 1, 12",
         unit_price: 1,
         tax_rate: 20,
         cost_price: 0
         item_code: "",
         quantity: 1,
         heading: "o",
         sales_category: "Sales",
         description: "",
         discount: 0,
         item_total: 1,
         tax_description: "20% VAT",
         subscription: "",
         unit_price: 1,
         tax_rate: 20,
         cost_price: 0
   item_headings: "m\no",
   event_name: "quote_sent",
   total_includes_tax: 3.5999999999999996,
   currency: "GBP",
   from: "Giles Cunningham"

Thank you
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