Kaizen #71 - Client Script ZDKs for Detail (Canvas) Page

Kaizen #71 - Client Script ZDKs for Detail (Canvas) Page

Hello everyone! 
Welcome back to another interesting Kaizen post. In this post, we can discuss Client Script ZDKs support for Detail (Canvas) Page.

What is Detail (Canvas) Page?
A Detail(Canvas) Page allows you to customize the record detail page to your preference by letting you add background color to each field, arrange them in a different order, use custom buttons instead of field names, use different font styles, and a lot more. This view is available in all the modules, including the custom modules.
Canvas is a powerful design platform that aims to transform your Zoho CRM user experience, from a visual as well as functional perspective. To customize a record detail page using Canvas, you can select any pre-designed template from the gallery and customize them according to your requirements, or create your design template from scratch with the help of design tools. 
The following are the ZDK Functions related to the Detail(Canvas) Page in Client Script.

  • getBlueprintTransitionByID() - To get blueprint transition by id
  • getBlueprintTransitions()  - To get blueprint transitions in page
  • addTag() - To add a tag to the page
  • removeTag() - To remove a tag from the page
  • getTags()  - To get the list of tags in the Page as array of objects
  • openMailer() - To open Mailer component
  • scrollTo(element_id) - To scroll the page to the given element's location
  • highlight(config) - Using this ZDK you can highlight an element
  • getElementByID(element_id) - To get the UIElement object.
  • mask() - To mask the field value
  • initiate() - To initiate a transition in Blueprint
  • click() - To initiate link click event
  • disable() - To disable the link
  • enable() - To enable a link
  • setVisibility() - To show or hide an element
  • addToolTip(config) - Use this ZDK to add tooltip for an element
  • removeToolTip() - Use this ZDK to remove tooltip for an element
  • addStyle(config) - To apply CSS styles for an element
  • freeze(value) - To freeze a particular element
  • setImage(value) - To set image for the image element
  • setActive() - To set active tab in a container
  • setContent(value) - To set text content for the text element

Note: Apart from these ZDKs, you can use all the other ZDK functions which are not tagged.

Use Case
ABC is a hardware manufacturing company. Let us consider that you want to achieve the following using Client Script. The Detail (Canvas) Page has the fields Category, Products, Phone Number and there are two images added to the Detail (Canvas) page currently. One corresponds to Ignition System and the other corresponds to Gauges and Meters. The following is the Detail (Canvas) Page of Orders Module.

1. Based on the Category of the order, display the image.
  • If the Category is Ignition System then the image corresponding to Ignition System should be displayed.
  • If the Category is "Gauges and Meters" then the image corresponding to "Gauges and Meters" should be displayed.
2. The image should have a tooltip.
  • The Ignition System image should have the tooltip as "Ignition System".
  • Gauges and Meters image should have the tooltip as "Gauges and Meters".
3. The Detail (Canvas) page has a text element. The background colour of the text box should be blue and the text should be grey.
4. Create a custom button in the Detail (Canvas) Page. When the user clicks this, ask for confirmation, and open the mailer box.
5. Mask the last 5 digits of the phone number for all profiles other than the administrator.

Solution using Client Script
All the requirements are for the Detail (Canvas) page of Orders module. For the requirements 1, 2, 3  and 5, you need to create a Client Script with onLoad page Event.
For requirement 4, you need to create a Client Script with Canvas Button Event type and onClick Event. So create two scripts as follows.

1. Client script 1 for requirements 1,2,3 and 5.
2. Client script 2 for requirement 4.
1. Client script 1 for requirements 1,2,3 and 5.
  • Go to Setup > Developer Space > Client Script. Click +New Script.
  • Specify the details to create a script and click Next.

  • Enter the following script and click Save.

 // Tooltip for images
var ignitionImage = ZDK.UI.getElementByID('iImage')
ignitionImage.addToolTip({ text: 'Ignition System' });

var guageImage = ZDK.UI.getElementByID('gImage')
guageImage.addToolTip({ text: 'Guages and Meters' });
// Visibility of Images
if (category_name == "Gauges and meters")
else if (category_name == "Ignition system") {
// Style textbox
var elem = ZDK.UI.getElementByID('Section')
elem.addStyle({ 'background-color': 'blue', color: 'white', 'border-radius': '40px' })
//Mask phone Number
var user = ZDK.Apps.CRM.Users.fetchById($Crm.user.id);
var field_obj = ZDK.Page.getField('Phone_Number');
log("Profile name of the user is "+ user.profile.name);
if(user.profile.name != 'Administrator')
    field_obj.mask({ character: '*', length: 5, reverse: true });
var category_name = ZDK.Page.getField('Category').getValue();

  • $Crm is a constant supported by Client Script, using which you can get the org related information and use it in your script. 
  • Here is the impact of Client Script in Detail (Canvas) page for a Standard user.

  • Here is the impact of Client Script in Detail (Canvas) page for Administrator.

  • You can see that the Phone Number is partially masked when you view the order canvas page as a Standard User and not masked when you view the order canvas page as an Administrator.
2. Client Script 2 for requirement 4
  • First, you need to add the button to the Detail(Canvas) page.
  • Go to Setup > Customization > Canvas.
  • Right click  the Canvas page for Accounts module and click Edit.
  • Click Elements, drag and drop the button wherever required and specify a label for the button.
  • Right click on the button, select Add Element ID and enter the ID of the button in the pop up that appears.
  • Once the button is created, you can configure Client Script in two ways:
  • Right click on the button--> Add Client Script--> onClick. The Client Script IDE appears with the event type as Canvas Button Event.                                                (or)
  • Go to Setup > Developer Space > Client Script. Click +New Script.
  • Specify the details to create a script and click Next.
  • Enter the following script and click Save.
var isProceed = ZDK.Client.showConfirmation('Do you want to open the mailer window?','Proceed','Cancel');
if (isProceed) {
ZDK.Client.openMailer({ from: '', to: [{ email: '', label: 'ABC Industries' }], cc: [{ email: '', label: 'ABC Industries' }], subject: 'Greetings from ABC Industries!', body: ' ' });

  • The showConfirmation() function will return a Boolean value based on the user selection. You should get this Boolean value using a variable and write the actions based on the Boolean value returned. Here the variable isProceed will capture the user response and based on that Boolean value, the mailer box will get displayed.

  • Here is how the Client Script works.

We hope you found this post useful. We will meet you next week with another interesting topic!  If you have any questions or if you want a Kaizen post on a particular topic let us know in the comments.

Click here for more details on Client Script in Zoho CRM.

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